Freedom of Speech is NOT a fringe Issue

On the 1st February, the Australian's Editorial contained the following:
A new Galaxy survey reported in our pages yesterday indicates almost half of voters want the words “insult” and “offend” removed, echoing an idea gaining ground among a group of Coalition backbenchers seeking compromise. ......... Fewer than 40 percent in the survey said they would oppose such a change.

The IPA's Simon Breheny issued a media release:
New opinion poll research shows that 95% of Australians think free speech is important to them with over 57% saying it is "very important". 
"Much to the surprise of some members of the media and the political class, free speech matters," said Simon Breheny, Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs. 
"When 95% of respondents agree that an issue is important, it is time for our elected representatives to listen rather than trying to tell the public it is a niche or fringe issue". 
The new poll also shows increased support for changing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA). 48% of respondents now support removing the words insult and offend from section 18C of the RDA; up three points from the previous Galaxy survey in November, while there has been a 2% decrease in the number of people opposing changes (down from 38% to 36%).
Please note that the Galaxy Survey was commissioned by the IPA.

Please note that this blogger is also a member of the IPA.