Temperatures: Who do you believe? RSS or GISS?

From 1979 to 2001, the graphs for global temperature from the RSS satellite data and the NASA:GISS data are rising at the same rate.

However, from 2001, RSS data show temperatures have fallen. GISS's massaged data shows temperatures are still rising.

And of course, the alarmists will, surprise - surprise, say that 2017 is

the hottest year evah!

H/t  JWSpry


  1. Here's what should occur next. Pres-elect Trump, the next time he is challenged/attacked over his views on AGW/ACC (note - the media never uses the meaningful "A" descriptor in this discussion about human footprint) should pull out a carefully folded copy of the graphic above, explain what we are look at and that this is much of what the discussion is about and announcing that as president, he is going to lead on a national/global discussion so that the average bloke has a clue about the reality of the 'hoax.'

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    1. You can recreate them at Wood for Trees. You will see that they are up to date. (We won't fall for YOUR trick.)

  3. I believe RSS and GISS. Dont believe either would lie.

  4. The globalists lie about everything including the need for war. The mainstream media are their tool to control and keep the public in the dark. Why would anybody believe any policies that come from the UN or IPCC, which is one of the UN's unelected bodies? GW is a hoax designed to bring in more control and taxes.

  5. Reg, You're dead right and hopefully people with lots of power and influence, such as Mr Trump will expose it to a lot more than the scant few of us who read these 'dissenting' blogs and other HONEST websites that have the guts to discuss the scandalous HOAX in the tones it should be discussed.
    Websites such as this one do it really well and this one hosted by none other than Mr Viv Forbes, the founder of the recently formed Clexit organization openly attack the very topic you've just raised:



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