Professor Tim Ball and Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard)

Anthony Cox

Geoff and I attended a talk in Sydney by professor Tim Ball and Tony Heller which had been arranged by Jim Simpson and The Five Dock  Climate Realists.

Professor Ball and Tony had been invited to Australia by Senator Malcolm Roberts to give a detailed presentation at Parliament House.

Both professor Ball and Tony Heller were brilliant in Sydney. Heller gave a potted history of climate alarmism, showing many Australian media records where misreporting and hyperbole by the media early in the life of the Australia began the trend of saying whatever weather event was occurring at the time was the worse ever. Heller showed graphs which every non-alarmist Australian knows is the case: extreme weather and climate change is the norm in Australia. As Dorothea Mackellar said: Australia is a land of droughts and flooding rains.

Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard.)
Partial rest of club seen through curtain.
Tony Heller concluded with his specialty: showing how the official temperature records have been adjusted to misrepresent the temperature record.

Tim Ball is a passionate speaker who knows climate back to front. His experience as a former university lecturer was apparent as he spoke off the cuff for 90 minutes without missing a beat. His coverage was eclectic but of particular interest was his experience with and involvement in the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. The CRU is now alarmism centre and also coincidentally the origin of the emails which revealed the duplicity, lies and manipulation by the climate scientists and the IPCC.

Both Ball and Heller were supporters of Trump. The venue was not a closed room and the talk by Ball carried to the outside of the club. As he was mentioning Trump a small group of young people was passing by. One young woman reacted to the mention of Trump and regaled the audience of about 100 with foul language and the usual witty vitriol common to her type. Since she was in a small group she quickly moved on when members of the audience went out to confront her.

The incident is a timely reflection of the reaction of young Clinton supporters in the US which seems to consist of mindless violence and a complete disregard of the democratic process. They are a reminder of how the US and Australia avoided a further intensification of oppressive left-wing policies to do with alarmism when Trump was elected.

It is also a reminder that alarmism will not be beaten with facts because alarmism does not have any facts; as professor Ball pointed out every prediction made by alarmism has failed. Alarmism can only be beaten by political process. Trump will quash the inroads alarmists have made into the US finances which have cost $trillions and hopefully address the propaganda used by alarmists in schools and universities. Here in Australia Senator Roberts is gamely taking on the alarmists in the CSIRO and the BoM. It won’t be easy however as professor Ball’s personal life shows: he is subject to a SLAPP law case designed to suppress public criticism of alarmism. He spoke defiantly about this and has wide support in his defence to this despicable attack on his right to speak out against alarmism.

Both Ball and Heller are courageous and honest scientists who have dared to speak out against the oppression and waste of alarmism. Congratulations to senator Roberts for bringing them to Australia.
. . . . . . .

On the morning after, Jim Simpson introduced Tony Heller to the delights of Vegemite on toast:

And then Tim and Tony turned to Tourism.

Under the Harbour Bridge looking at the Opera House.
Gourmet Dining at Harry's Cafe de Wheels.


  1. I sure wish I was there for this event. Good on Jim Simpson and the rest of the Climate Realist group of Five Dock.

  2. Copy of formal complaint to CSIRO that I will post by express this Sunday 5:30pm. Any suggested modifications before then are welcome.

    11 November, 2016

    The Directors and CEO
    GPO Box 1700
    CANBERRA 2600

    Dear Sirs


    Further to Senator Malcolm Robert's enquiries for which you were not able to provide any evidence what-so-ever that human contributions of carbon dioxide were the cause of observed warming, I herewith make this formal accusation that the C.S.I.R.O. is guilty of fraudulently obtaining funding pertaining to research relating to a claim that is based on false physics, namely that the gas carbon dioxide comprising 0.04% of the atmosphere causes the Earth's surface temperatures to rise significantly. The reasons that I say the physics is false are:-

    The claims are based upon the assumption that the fluxes of solar radiation and atmospheric radiation can just be added arithmetically and the sum used in Stefan-Boltzmann calculations to explain the Earth's mean surface temperature. NASA energy diagrams very clearly indicate that this is how they calculate the 15°C temperature from a net flux of 390W/m^2 after deducting non-radiative cooling.*

    Standard physics (known for over 100 years) can be used to PROVE that the temperature achieved by such combined radiation is nothing remotely like the temperature that would be achieved from a single source of radiation with the same total flux (such as a sun just over half the distance away) because the Stefan-Boltzmann Law is based on the integral of a single Planck function. Furthermore, Wien's Displacement Law tells us that the absolute (K) temperature achieved is proportional to the modal (peak) frequency. There is no way that the combination of solar and atmospheric radiation is going to have the required peak frequency, because combining radiation does not alter the frequency (or wavelength) of any of the individual rays being added together.

  3. (continued)

    The fact that radiation cannot be combined in the way NASA assumed (and which is not in any standard physics text) is easily demonstrated. For example, if one electric bar radiator is placed at a distance such that it warms your cheek to a comfortable 42°C (that is, 315K) then will 16 such radiators roast you at double the temperature, namely 630K or 357°C as incorrect use of Stefan-Boltzmann calculations would imply should happen? We all know that would not be the case - nowhere near it. Yet that is what the fictitious, fiddled physics used by NASA implies ought to happen.

    Likewise, the false addition of solar and atmospheric radiation would give temperatures above 120°C for some regions on Earth where the Sun passes directly overhead on a clear day.

    The false claims by the IPCC that the greenhouse gas water vapour does most of “33 degrees” of warming with its global mean concentration of just over 1% imply that rain forests with about 4% water vapour ought to be at least 40 degrees hotter than dry regions with 1% water vapour at similar latitude and altitude.

    These obvious flaws in the “science” promulgated by climatologists (who have little knowledge of correct atmospheric physics) indicate that the C.S.I.R.O. has failed to pay due diligence in checking such.

    So your scam is exposed as being totally false, and that is why Donald Trump will cut funding. Once he realises that the whole assumption that greenhouse gases warm (when in fact correct physics and empirical evidence for water vapour imply they cool) you can expect all funding and associated taxes to be dropped. Other countries will follow as the dominoes fall.

    If you consider me mistaken, then I seek as a FREEDOM of INFORMATION REQUEST, documentation by someone suitably qualified in physics (as I am) that confirms that Wien's Law is inapplicable for combinations of radiation from different sources, and that you have empirical evidence of water vapour warming (contrary to the attached study) and of mankind's contribution to carbon dioxide also being the cause of surface warming.

    I await your prompt response within 30 days before taking this matter further. Such action will include copies of this letter being sent to all Federal Politicians in both houses, and to the Government Ombudsman. Consideration will also be given to possible legal proceedings.

    Yours faithfully

    Douglas Cotton



    1. A couple of months prior to his comment here Doug was boasting about his planned MAJOR CLASS ACTION AGAINST CSIRO in 2018, proclaiming that " .. Heads are going to roll at Australian climate authorities and the CSIRO when my huge class action by major companies gets underway in 2018, and it will be world news, forcing other countries to take note of the TRUTH, as will be decided by the courts, base on evidence I present .. This is serious business .. because if I am not proven wrong, millions will be spent on that major class action ". " (

      Doug's "TRUTH" and "Evidence" are probably based on the questionable "Climate Change Theory" ( and with which he has spammed the blogosphere for years.

      Despite there being little of 2018 left, I have seen nothing about Doug starting his MAJOR CLASS ACTION AGAINST CSIRO which " .. will be world news, forcing other countries to take note of the TRUTH .. base on evidence I present .. " !!!!!!!

      Are any of you aware of any movement on this?

      Best regards, Pete


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