Invitation to Climate Hustle Screenings in Sydney, NSW

Scorching temperatures. Melting ice caps. Killer hurricanes and tornadoes. Disappearing polar bears. The end of civilization as we know it! Are emissions from our cars, factories, and farms causing catastrophic climate change? Is there a genuine scientific consensus? Or is man-made “global warming” an overheated environmental con job being used to push for increased government regulations and a new “Green” energy agenda?

CLIMATE HUSTLE answers these questions, and many, many more. Produced by CFACT and CDR Communications in the one-of-a-kind entertaining and informative style that has made CFACT’s award-winning one of the world’s most sought after sources for reliable, hard-to-find facts about climate issues, this groundbreaking film tears the cover off of global warming hype, and exposes the myths and exaggerations of this multi-billion dollar issue.

CLIMATE HUSTLE, hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Marc Morano, reveals the history of climate scares including global cooling, debunks outrageous claims about temperatures, extreme weather, and the so-called “consensus;” exposes the increasingly shrill calls to “act immediately before it’s too late,” and in perhaps the film’s most important section, profiles key scientists who used to believe in climate alarm but have since converted to skepticism.


Climate Hustle' is now available locally & will be shown to those interested on two consecutive Thursday evenings in December 2016 for up to 30 pre-booked guests at time. 

Details as follows:

Cost:               Free (guests are encouraged to dine at Tigers on the Park from 6:30pm.)

Venue:           As below in a private conference room with ample FREE car parking nearby.

Dates:             Thursday 1/12 or 8/12 2016 (please respond ASAP via remail, or phone
confirming which date you propose to attend!).

Duration:       1 hour, 19 minutes.

Start Time:     8pm on the dot as we must vacate the Club by not later than 10pm.

Dining:           Restaurant &/or Bistro plus bar service available. 

Advance bookings essential since seating (theatre style) is limited on either the 1st Dec or 8th Dec, 2016.  

Share among those you feel might also be interested from either side of the CAGW* debate & let me know ASAP.

Rgds, Jim Simpson


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