Be a part of an Historic event - CSIRO Evidence.

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Release from the office of Senator Malcolm Roberts.

Be a part of an Historic event

Hello Friends,
                            Next week Senator Malcolm Roberts will be announcing his report on the  Climate Science evidence of CSIRO.

This is the first time anyone has been able to pin down and report on the exact evidence that Australia`s Government Climate Policy is based upon.

On Tuesday, November 8th at 8 pm Senator Roberts, Tim Ball, Steve Goddard, &  Jennifer
Marohasy will present the evidence in detail that Senator Roberts report is based upon.

It will be in the main House of Representatives committee room (Level 1) in Parliament House, Canberra.

•        The report will be precise and conclusive.

•        We believe this will be a turning point in the Politics of climate policy.

•        A video will be made of the event and released on youtube.

•        A question time will conclude the meeting.

•        You are invited to be a part of the audience of this historic occasion.

•        Free supper provided.

 •       Please ph 0435423636 to book a seat for this free event and

•        Arrive at 7 pm so we can escort you in.

•       If you cannot attend , please try to view the event on social media and email or tweet in questions to Tim Ball, Steve Goddard or Jennifer Marohasy to answer.

Senator Roberts looks forward to you celebrating this important occasion with him.

Leon Ashby
Office Manager for Senator Roberts
Ph 0435423636



Tuesday 8th November, 2016.

Arrival at 7pm
Commencement at 8pm

Panel Members
Senator Malcolm Roberts, Professor Tim Ball, Dr Steve Goddard, Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Darren B Nelson

Main House of Representatives
Committee Romm
Level 1
Parliament House.

Access to Committee Room
Please arrive promptly at 7pm as all visitors to Parliament House are required to be signed in and escorted.

RSVP is a must as you cannot gain entry to the committee room without an escort. Please RSVP to Leon Ashby to make sure we are expecting you.

M: 0435 423 636

Further Details

  • This is an historic turning point in the politics of climate policy;
  • This event will be videoed, live-streamed to Facebook and released on YouTube;
  • A Q&A session will conclude the meeting;
  • Supper will be provided.
Unable to Attend
You can view the event on social media and we encourage you to email or tweet questions for the members of the panel. If you are planning to watch the event live on FaceBook, we  invite you to tweet the panel members.
The live broadcast can be found on our Facebook page - @malcolmrobertsonenation


  1. will there be any empirical evidence produced by the senator at this event or just the usual conspiracy theories lies and bullshit ?

  2. No, there won't be. Senator Roberts is asking and has been asking, YOUR misanthropic, society destroying CAGW, alarmist and SOCIALIST comrades for a long time now, for their empirical evidence that HUMAN CAUSED global warming, or 'climate change' is real.
    So I guess you're right: Their 'usual conspiracy theories lies and bullshit' is all we'll hear reiterated by Roberts, when he explains that they are clearly unable to produce such empirical evidence, as it is so blatantly obvious to him (and anyone else with some semblance of common sense that), that it simply does not exist...

    1. Senator Roberts has also asked your loony leftist green comrades for empirical evidence that global warming, or 'climate change' as you all prefer to propagate nowadays regardless of the cause, will be any more disatrous, or 'catastrophic' than any of the numerous other severe meterological events that have typically been occurring, very regularly for millions of years - long before humans were even evolved, let alone burning your demonized 'fossil fuels' to power our great industrialized society. The same great society that you are part of and enjoying everything that the wicked 'fossil fuel' energy makes possible, yet you and your misanthropic greenie friends are trying very hard to destroy...
      You're all batshit crazies and Malcolm Roberts is one of a few who isn't afraid to publicly confront you to expose your lunacy and best of all: the truth about the massive HOAX behind the nonsense of CAGW scaremongering and its hysterical propaganda.


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