Saturday, 1 October 2016

The South Australian Statewide Blackout

Terence Cardwell
Image: GWPF

A     I predicted this would happen back in 2009/10 in my first article.  This is NOT a once off event- it will happen again in the not too distant future and continue to do so. Why; because of the continual instability created in the grid system by the constantly changing wind generators and insufficient stable, reliable power generation and the reliance of power from Victoria, who have to continually get them out of their insane situation.

B.            Any change in power generation from the wind generators has to be compensated for and chased by thermal power generation units which  decreases their efficiency substantially and more than obviates any gain from wind generators. These severe load changes can create a power wave within the grid system that can create instability as the thermal units chase the wind generators severe load changes.

C.            Because the winds were so severe the wind generators would have been non operative and locked. So 40% of the power was already out of service before the blackout. So YES the wind generators DID cause the blackout by increasing the load substantially on the Victoria to S.A interconnector.

D.            If the wind generators were allowed to operate in such severe winds they would have torn themselves apart.

E.             It is the first time ever in the history of power generation in Australia that transmission towers have fallen over and we have seen far more severe weather than S.A. I have personally
operated units in such weather with no blackouts or instability in the grid system even though we lost two units.  One of them being mine. (The unit transformer was hit by a 20ft sheet of roofing aluminium torn of in the storm.)

F.             Even though the towers had collapsed the grid system would not have gone out because the line protections covering those towers would have tripped within 6 cycles i.e. one tenth of a second, isolating them from the grid and protecting the rest of the grid system.

G.           The total hypocrisy and stupidity of the South Australian Government is unbelievable. Because they blindly and stupidly knocked down the black bituminous coal fired thermal power stations, they had insufficient power. So they have to import it from Victoria  through the state interconnector which was never intended for that purpose. So when it exceeded its maximum load capacity it tripped as it was supposed to do.

H.            Guess where the power imported from is generated. Yes Victoria---but where?  The brown coal fired thermal power stations that have a thermal efficiency half of that of the black coal fired power stations that the idiots in South Australia knocked down. Just to pander to a left wing loony Greens who could not lie straight in bed.

I.              The average price for electricity in South Australia with its 40% renewable energy is over $300 per megawatt hour. The average cost of electricity in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania is around the $75.00 to $80.00 mark. That is 25% of S.A. price.

J.              To those gullible people who are so passionate about so called clean energy you can expect, without doubt, the same if the other states ever got near S.A. insane renewable energy program.

Terence Cardwell

Terry Cardwell worked 25 years for the Electricity Commission of NSW working, commissioning and operating the various power units. His last commission was at the Munmorah Power Station near Newcastle, with four (very large!) 350 MW power generating units.


  1. To those gullible people who are so passionate about so called clean energy you can expect, without doubt, the same if the other states ever got near S.A. insane renewable energy program.

    And if these green fascists continue with their deluded fantasy of renewable energy, with the same rampant hysterical rate of wanton destruction of our former GREAT industrialized society, we should seriously expect to be barely surviving in a primitive, medieval era dystopia, RULED by these dangerous lunatics from the UN, within 10 years!
    We must not allow these hysterical, moronic zombies to destroy our world, because that's clearly what they want to do.
    FIGHT them, or they WILL succeed.

    Never mind 'Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming' (CAGW) - it's the hopelessly brainwashed, misanthropic, leftard loonies who all seriously believe we are 'hurting the planet', with their CAGM (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global MADNESS), we really do need to be afraid of...
    And this debacle in SA should be regarded as a reliable barometer of the intensity of their collective psychosis, as well as living proof that they are a serious threat to our society, if not: our very existence.

    Read more:

  2. Great post Terry.


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