Search for empirical evidence of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) claim.

Canadian climate scientists Dr. Tim Ball, author of The Deliberate Corruption of Climate  Science and Human Caused Global Warming (The Biggest Deception in History), is a retired professor who taught in the department of geography at the University of Winnipeg.  Ball received a bachelor's degree with honors from the University of Manitoba in 1970, followed by an M.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1971 and a PhD from Queen Mary University of London in England in 1983.

Dr Ball will fly to Australia next week 
to participate with Senator Malcolm Roberts in a search for

empirical evidence of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) claim. Senator Roberts asked CSIRO for their empirical evidence and received a most remarkable and revealing response. 

Interesting times ahead.

Senator Roberts and Empirical Evidence:


  1. Prophetic...... This could be the great deception as detailed in the Holy Bible........But to suggest such a thing would invite scoffers..... also prophecied within the Holy Bible.... Note also that US government funded science agencies completed the "Great Purge" deliberately and very effectively eliminating scientists with religious beliefs from their ranks around 2008. Sadly certain "gatekeepers" at Wikipedia and other online agencies then immediately maligned the reputation of Ben Stein and others...... For years the credibility of the Christian faith has been badgered by atheist scientists demanding that faith and hope must not corrupt the scientific method..... And yet today we are expected to put all our faith and trust in AGW related science which I like to call a pseudo-science.....


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