Pauline Hanson and Q & A (and Update)

Anthony Cox

Pauline Hanson, newly elected to the senate with up to 6 other One Nation candidates, appeared on Q & A on the 18 July 2016. No one can question her courage. But, as with every other Q & A, any view not approved by the hard left/Green was going to have a hard time. Tony Jones and the other 4 panellists, Simon Birmingham of the coalition, the smug Larissa Waters of the Greens, the very circumspect Nick Xenophon and Sam Dastyari of the ALP, all in their own way attacked Hanson. Of course the MSM took an anti-Hanson approach and before the program left wing protestors outside the ABC again demonstrated their support for free speech by trying to stop the program from going ahead.

Dastyari in particular took every opportunity to attack Hanson’s so-called hate speech. The moment of the night was when a reminiscing Dastyari said he was from Iran. Hanson asked him if he was a practising Muslim. Dastyari would not answer. Apparently he is an atheist which means under Islamic law he is an apostate. Apostasy is the worst sin in Islam and is punishable by death. No doubt Dastyari was also concerned with alienating the large block of Muslim voters in ALP seats.

Of particular interest was a question from a stern faced Muslim in the audience. His name was
Khaled Elomar. The first thing which struck me was his name, Elomar. The Elomar name is infamous because Mohamed Elomar and his associate Khaled Sharrouf left Australia to fight with ISIS and took every opportunity to be photographed holding severed heads and encouraging Sharrouf’s young son to do the same. In addition, another member of the Elomar family, Ahmed, brother of Mohamed, has been in prison after bashing a policeman during the Hyde Park riots. Another family member, Mohamed Elomar's  uncle, Mohamed Ali Elomar, was found guilty of planning an act of terror against Sydney in  2009.

I don’t know if Khaled Elomar is a member of this distinguished family but if he is it is not the first time the ABC has imported questionable audience members with Zaky Mallah given pride of place in a previous Q & A.

Khaled Elomar accused Hanson of Islamophobia. This is catch-all phrase which was given validity in 2004 by the UN when Kofi Annan termed the phrase to reflect alleged bigotry against Islam. This begs the question of what is reasonable criticism of Islam. We have seen the results of criticism of Islam result in atrocities like the Charlie Hebdo massacre. In Australia Muslims are one of the leading users of 18C of the RDA to quash criticism. Islam does not like criticism. Recently the Grand Mufti has come out and stated anyone making any criticism of Islam will cause terrorist attacks.

The attacks and censorship do not only come from within Islam but also from within the left. Sonia Kruger, a member of the MSM, recently said she wanted all Islamic immigration to stop so she could feel safe. The response from her fellow MSM was tedious and predicable. Jamila Rizvi’s response is typical. Rizvi offers 5 reasons why Kruger is wrong. The second reason is that more Muslim migration to a country doesn’t equal more terror. This is patently and terribly wrong. Every country in Europe with a population of Muslims proves this wrong. But Rizvi is contradicted by Dr Peter Hammond’s 2005 study. Hammond shows that as the population of Muslims increase so does social strife, terror and Islamic values. It’s as simple as this. The MSM and the political class don’t get it.

Khaled Elomar’s question wasn’t a question at all. On one level it was a threat. As the grand Mufti said, to criticise Islam is to risk a violent response. In Islam infidels or non-Muslims have 3 choices: convert, pay the infidel tax, the Jizya, or die. There is no room for criticism. Nor will there be until Islam undergoes a reformation as Christianity has done. Christianity now supports individuality: it no longer prescribes its faith. People are free to choose, or not and the consequences become an individual choice. In Islam there is no choice. Islam is a complete lifestyle covering politics, economics and law. To be a Muslim means you have no choice. You follow the dictates of the ideology.

In her recent book, Heretic, Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains why an Islamic reformation is essential. Islam has to learn that it is not perfect, that it does not offer all the answers and has no right to force its way on others. Unfortunately, just as Pauline Hanson’s experience showed, Ali’s genuine advice is scorned by the political left as well as Islam.

They are two brave ladies.

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Sam Dastyari's quandry:

If he admits that he is a Muslim,  then he would swear allegiance to Islam before Australia, he would be ineligible for Australian parliament under Section 44 of the constitution. Otherwise it is Apsotasy and ....