The Silence of the CADs - Is this the old Soviet Union?

From the Web-site of Australian Liberty Alliance

This TV Advertisement was produced and scheduled to be aired in Western Australian for the 2016 Australian Election Campaign. All produced, paid and scheduled to go to air from the evening of Sunday 19 June. Then the station cancelled in the afternoon of Friday 17 June. The paid for slots were immediately reallocated to other advertisers. Political business as usual in 2016 islamophobic Australia.
Note it's not us having an irrational fear of offending Islamists. We recall the banks refusing us Eftpos services, ticketing services walking away from signed agreements, booked and paid venues cancelling in the last minute, paid advertising in the media refusing to publish without notice - this is the reality in 2016 Australia when we speak critically about the ideology we must not criticise.
The islamophobes in the true sense of the word are cowards in the media, the regressive left in academia and morally bankrupt politicians, who can't see further than the next opinion poll. Is this the Australia we want to hand over to our children?


  1. The following comment is about the EUA and the Brexit referendum later this week.

    But it addresses fundamental issues common to all Commonwealth countries, including Australia.

    For readers unfamiliar with Canada's break with tradition, Pierre Trudeau (father of the current PM) was the motive force for converting the UK British North America Act into a fully domestic enactment, together with a new Charter of Rights that borrows at least the spirit of the US Bill of Rights.

    Some have ĉompared the EU with the Holy Roman Empire. But we were taught in school that the Holy Roman Empire wasn't holy, wasn't Roman, and was not much of an empire.

    So it is with the EU, even though it seems as though Kaiser Wilhelm and Napoleon Bonaparte have been reincarnated in a single corpus. The EU may be dominated by Germany, but the means mimic the Code Napoleon.

    The European Union does not work for Britain because it relies on a governance model whereby the state directs private activity by specifying what is permitted and mandated rather than what is forbidden. Too many Brits regard this as overreaching the proper role of the state.

    This governance model is currently also a major issue in the US, Canada and Australia where the role of the state has changed far and fast in the direction of social engineering by whichever party manages to achieve power.

    Both the US and Canada have constitutions that act to slow the steady drift to totalitarian democracy--the dictatorship of the majority. However, Britain and Australia lack anything comparable to an entrenched Bill or Charter of Rights. Both are at risk from the lack of restraint upon their own national parliaments.

    Which is how Britain got into this mess in the first place: any prime minister with a solid majority can change the UK constitution as easily as s/he changes underwear. And with as little public notice, since scarcely anyone knows what is left of the British constitution.

    The EU has failed because it was based on leveling differences in behaviour developed during centuries. The US, Canada and Australia are all vulnerable to failed expectations from current experiments in social engineering by overpowering federal governments.

    Which may be why Mr. Trump enjoys support from the hoi polloi, those who are so unsophisticated they can still see that their emperor, whoever s/he may be wears no clothes, and that it's still about power, no matter how well it is disguised by pomp and circumstance.

    Canada and Australia both suffer from a surfeit of political correctness and "do-goody-ness".

    Do-goody-ness I define as those elements of state-sponsored social engineering that not many people want.

    In Canada, those rich enough spend the winter months in Florida, California, and Arizona.

    Practically everyone knows that global warming would benefit the entire country.

    Practically everyone knows of the vast oil and gas resources and production capacity.

    Fewer people know that government policies carry the risk of national economic disaster, not least through loss of jobs in a job market already unable to sustain customary lifestyles.

    Yet the prime minister and the premiers of several provinces are promoting policies to restrict fossil fuel production and consumption.

    So both Canada and Australia are at risk of setting sail into a future that is unknown and unknowable.

    But we do know what a world without fossil fuels would be like. Because our grandparents and our great-grandparents lived in such a world.

    And more than two billion people still live in energy poverty.

    Richard Feynman said he preferred questions that cannot be answered to answers that cannot be questioned.

    I therefore propose that we should allow political correctness to stop us from arguing that politicians have no mandate to change our way of life.

    We have elected them to manage our public affairs, not to meddle in social engineering.

    Que sera, sera. It's not up to politicians to decide.

  2. If the photo of people in masks carrying placards which seem utterly phobic is a mockup and not true, then the ad should be banned, but if the photo is of a real event, then it needs to be discussed without the discussion being labelled islamophobic


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