CO2 Innocent - Muslim cleric reveals the true cause of Climate Change

Friday Humour

A lesson on less on.

We have many times told you that carbon dioxide has been falsely accused. Now the real reason for climate change has been revealed by, of all things, a Muslim Cleric (link)
Seyyed Youssef Tabatabi-nejad, a senior Islamic cleric in Isfahan, Iran, said during his weekly sermon last Friday that women dressing inappropriately is causing climate change. 
In his sermonTabatabi-nejad urged Iran’s "moral police" to crack down on "improper veiling" and to do everything they can to keep Iran’s population as moral as possible
It has been revealed that Iran has a 7000 strong undercover police force who police uncovered women.
They're called the Gashte Ershad, the "guidance patrol," and they have broad powers to chastise and even arrest people for failing to meet what might be called the modesty test.
It's women who attract the attention of the Gashte Ershad. Too much hair peeking
out from under a headscarf, removing the scarf altogether in the car, taking a walk with a boyfriend — all kinds of actions can risk a run-in with the morality police (as NPR's Deborah Amos reported in 2014).
Meanwhile, back at the Mosque:
Tabatabi-nejad is not concerned with long-term issues such as the souls of the women who are not wearing their scarves in the car and taking long romantic walks with their boyfriends in public; he has more immediate concerns. 
In his sermon, Tabatabi-nejad announced that his “office had received photos of women next to the dry Zayandeh-run River (a major river that runs through Isfahan), [dressed] as if they were in Europe. It is these sorts of acts that cause the river to dry up.” 

So we have the cleric's lesson on less on and proof that the alleged culprit "CO2" is innocent.


  1. Sounds as plausible as Tim Flannery's predictions, and he is highly regarded.... isn't he?

  2. Sounds as plausible as Tim Flannery's account and predictions, and he is well regarded..... isn't he?

  3. Yep, Tim's got a million dollar beachfront property despite being certain that it will soon be inundated with sea-water and declared worthless. He almost puts Al Gore to shame lol


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