Tony Abbott for PM

Probably not the most accurate poll due to the bias of his readers.

A poll conducted by Zanetti shows that, of his readers, 90% want Tony Abbot to be Prime Minister.

Poor Malcolm gets only 1%; whilst the man who MT has been tricking, ScoMo is only rating slightly above Malcolm (actually double MT's rating) with 2%.

Interesting - the two candidates below Tony Abbot are the

The ALP's Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek's combined vote at 0% is one percent (1%) below Buffoon Clive Palmer. How can a buffoon out-rate Labor's leader and deputy leader.

To Misquote Clive ( and his take on the departure of Tony Abbott and Bronwyn Bishop)
Bye Bye, Clive. Clive Bye Bye. Clive Palmer Bye Bye. Bye Bye Clive. Clive Bye Bye.