Chief Scientist's Parting Gaffes.

"Don't flinch" is outgoing Chief Scientist Ian Chubb's parting advice for scientists facing a wide range of detractors (link)

Professor Chubb will this week end his 5-year term as Chief Scientist.

"I can only say to scientists: don't flinch. Do your work; do it according to the trusted methods of ethical science and talk regularly to the public ... their support, and the weight and quality of evidence, must always trump make-believe." 
As we know, the realist scientists "do it according to the trusted methods of ethical science" whereas the shrill turn the scientific method around. They reverse the scientific method.

From Vincent Gray's Book  The Global Warming Scam and Climate Change Superscam  Chapter 2 (LINK)

The Scientific Method:

Observation comes first. The hypothesis and then the theory arise from the observations. The validity of the theory depends on the efforts placed in its modification from future observations.

However, the shrill (including presumably Prof Chubb) have turned the " trusted methods of ethical science" on their head and reversed the Scientific Method.
Here the study begins with a proposed theory (man's CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic global warming) and the investigation consists of an attempt to find observations and make experiments which might confirm the theory.
Reporting the same story, Shane Wright for the West reported Professor Chubb:
People who don't believe the climate is changing have clogged up his email system 
Really? As Climate had changed since the beginning of time, I don't think that there could be many who "don't believe the climate is changing..."  Is Professor Chubb confused? Does he mean people who have not been fooled by the CAGW Hoax? Has the good Professor kept up with the science? Is he not aware that, although atmospheric CO2 keeps rising, there has been a ~20 year plateau in the warming?

Thank Heaven there ARE scientists who "do it according to the trusted methods of ethical science" countering the government scientists pushing the falsified AGW hypothesis.


  1. Hi,
    HOAX 's
    * The population of planet Earth is about to explode.
    Since the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th - 19 th century, the population of planet Earth has been steadily decreasing. The more money people had, the less children they had, the more money they had. Today, fertility rates in the developed world have dropped dramatically, in some nations - Japan & Itay & soon Russia the fertility rates have dropped below replacement. Once the fertility rates drop below replacement it is almost impossible to bring them back up again. The Japanese people of Japan are dying out. The developing world is hot on the trail of the developed world, we the people of planet Earth will be no more sooner than we can think.
    There will be no Children of Man.
    * The Baby Boomers never happened, it was governments crying poor. There were more baby's born in the 10 years before WWII than the 20 years after WWII. However / and yet, governments of all nations lament the cost of Aged Pensions to the Baby Boomers who were never born / and do not exist today / and yet they are receiving the Aged pension. Some glad sucker is collecting an awful lot of money on their behalf.
    Go figure how well the governments of planet Earth can collaberate when kaching, kaching, is in their favor.

  2. Aletho News (great website) is where I saw this first - Climate Science for the Layman - Professor Happer.
    The good professor suggests that GLOBAL WARMING could be the planet re-adjusting the climate to higher levels of Co2 so as to feed the plant life. God knows we have worked emphatically, to rip up & burn any & every green thing in sight.
    But/And therefore also to create more oxygen in the face of pollutants that we breather.
    thereby making planet Earth more CLEAN & GREEN.
    The 2 pronged approach - save the plants & the people for the banner of The Vandel Ghoule Sorority's.

  3. Oops - I forgot - George Carlin on global warming - youtube.
    That's all folks.

  4. Thank god for fossil fuels and the end of the wood/steam age.


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