Global Warming is a CROCK

Paul Joseph Watson completely annihilates the Man Made Global Warming Hoax in his latest video in just 7 minutes.

Paul says:
Global warming alarmists have been proven spectacularly wrong time and time again. So why should we believe them now?

He ends his video with:

The people pushing it (The AGW hoax) have been caught red-handed lying and faking data to prop up the crony and lucrative industry of the man made climate change hoax. 
AND Then:
The Paris climate summit is merely a PR exercise to try and revive the discredited fairy tale of man made climate change.

H/t Warwick H


  1. Why is an "impending global cooling event" from decreased solar activity a bad thing? Applying assumptions from the AGW playbook and employing mathematical principles, consider the following:

    Emissions = bad
    Capitalism = bad

    By substitution, capitalism = emissions

    More people = more emissions

    Therefore, more people = more emissions = more bad.

    Declining solar activity = more cold
    More cold = less food

    Less food = less people

    Less people = less emissions, and:

    Less emissions = less bad.

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