COP21 Talk and Talk and Talk came to Nothing

One Note SCAM-ba

A parody of all the fools at Paris #COP21. (Sing along with the parody - words below) 
"There’s so many going who can talk and talk and talk and just say nothing – amounts to nothing."

Carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions

  • 40,000 delegates being protected by French Forces. What are their carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions; 
  • These delegates all flew in - more carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions; 
  • Transport around Paris for delegates -more carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions;
  • Catering for 40,000 - -more carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions
  • etc etc etc

Have these clowns not heard of telephone conferencing?

When no actual confirmed CO2 cuts will emit from this conference, there will be one confirmed

"Let's keep having smaller meetings in the interim, and then meet in multitudes in a lovely resort in a few years time."

This is an alarmist swindle,
It’s built upon chicanery.
Other scares they made to follow   
But the root is still deceit.

And those new scares,
They’re the consequence
Of the scare we’ve just been through.
Because of their unscientific blame on CO2.

(Paris )
There’s so many going who can talk and talk and talk
and just say nothing – amounts to nothing.
They all said the planet’s warming.   
We know in the end it came to nothing. Not even something!

So they lied about the warming
Then made a fake hockey stick.
They manipulated   data
They must think that we are thick.
And their “science” has been exposed.
Because of Michael’s Warming Trick.

Sing along, Children!