COP21 Agreement Legally Binding? John Kerry says: "yes""NO"

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The UNFCCC COP21 mob who want to control the world; those 40,000 delegates in a carbon frenzy who say "Do as I say, definitely do NOT do as I do!" those 40,000 delegates say that the planet is warming although as atmospheric carbon dioxide rockets skyward (TIC) the planet is slightly cooling (See SS Trend calculator image above)

The nation that controls(?) the world is the United States of America. POTUS Obama, like most of the world's leaders attended the first day and then, before the oxen output hit the fan, escaped to leave the scrapping to the lesser mortals in their regime.

This blog has written before of Secretary of State John Kerry many times, inter alia:-

Now, at #COP21 in Paris, SecState Kerry has said that the #COP21 agreement should be binding:

John Kerry Calls For Climate Agreement With 'Legally Binding Transparency System'

Secretary of State John Kerry demanded Wednesday a climate agreement with a legally binding enforcement system

But wait, there's more!

That was Wednesday. Gee, you can't expect SecState Kerry to hold that opinion for ever, can you?

In fact, later, on Wednesday, (link)

The upcoming Paris climate change conference will not result in a legally binding agreement that would demand specific carbon emission reduction targets from various countries, US Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview with The Financial Times.

What? Kerry demanded a "legally binding enforcement system" and then said what?

US threatens to walk out of Paris pact over financial obligations

Yes, after John Kerry saying 
"a climate agreement with a legally binding enforcement system.." 
Kerry  did an about face and said
 "I would love to have a legally binding agreement. But the situation in the US is such that legally binding with respect to finance is a killer for the agreement.”
Oh, that's right. He's a politician. AND he's a politician who believes in a falsified  AGW hypothesis.

Say No More.