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Whenever someone asserts that a scientific question is “settled,” they tell me immediately that they don’t understand the first thing about science. Science is never settled. Dr David Deming

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the science of climate change is the lack of any real substance in attempts to justify the hypothesis ~Professor Stewart Franks

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - See more at:

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Warming has stopped - Global Temperature firmly stuck.

Pierre Gosselin on his site NoTricksZone has a new post:

July Data Rolls In…Consensus Of Datasets Agree: Warming Has Stopped… Global Temperature Firmly Stuck! 

Pierre links to a German site:wobleibtdieglobaleerderwärmung (where’s the global warming – WBDGE) who report in their Global Summary July 2015
The negative trend of global satellite temperature (TLT) of UAH since 1998 is also reflected in July 2015, a T-deviation of 0.18 K continued. The moderate solar activity declines further, the end of May there were even two almost spotless days on the near
side of the sun.
Global temperatures 
UAH / TLT: 0.18 K (previous month 0.33, previous year 0.24) deviation from the climate mean 1981-2010, ranking 9 of 37 UAH V6.0 Global Temperature Update for July 2015: +0.18 C 
RSS / TLT: 0.29 K (previous month 0.39, previous year 0.35) deviation from the climate mean 1979-1998, rank 8 out of 37th
WBDGE include the following graphic with their report:

Trend of the global satellite measurements (TLT) of RSS

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  1. The Weather Bureau computer simulations temperature predictions for Bundaberg, I have recorded for the previous 10 weeks.The WB makes predictions for 7 days ahead for minimum and maximum temperatures. I have recorded the predictions for 7th day ahead, then recorded the actual temperature, the information being provided by 7 only for weekdays.
    The predicted temperature was correct on only18 predictions of the 100 predictions given
    i.e. 18% accuracy.
    By keeping a moving average, the actual error of these predictions over 10 weeks was 13%. In other words,if 24 degrees is predicted, it is equally likely the temperature will be
    21 or 27 or any temperature in between, a predicted 27 is equally likely to be23.5 or 27.5
    or any temperature in between, 32 may be28 or 36 or any temperature between.
    So, when a computer simulation predicts a rise in temperature of 2 degrees by 2050,
    using the accuracy of 7 day predictions the temperature is equally likely to be lower by 2 greater by 6 or any temperature in between.
    Were one to extrapolate the error of 13% for 7 days, for 35 years, any such computer simulation becomes totally and absolutely inaccurate.
    On the basis of this degree of accuracy, the world is prepared to spend billions of $
    to prevent climate change.


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