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Dear PM Abbott: Don't sign Paris Treaty

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott, prior to the last election, described the man-made global warming (CAGW)  alarm as "crap." (Link)

Now, as recorded by a press release from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (LINK) he has down an amazing about turn
The Abbott government has committed Australia to joining the next big global climate pact."
Image: Steve Hunter via Jo Nova
Surely he should realise how foolish he will look for this apparent turn around in position. 

He was voted into office when the previous Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Government was voted out due to their bowing down to the Great Global Warming God.

On 10 February 2011,  the Flim Flam man - Tim Flannery was appointed by the Gillard Government as the Chief Commissioner of the Climate Commission by the Australian Government. 

One of PM Abbott's early moves in office was to close down the Climate Commission. So far he was heading in the right direction.

However, some time later, PM Abbott's  Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced that she will extravagantly waste Australian Taxpayer's Money.
AUSTRALIA will contribute $200 million to a global fund to help poorer nations tackle climate change.  (Link)
What? Climate has changed since the beginning of time. It didn't need help from humans.  And,
despite the innocent "pollutant" carbon dioxide increasing to around 400ppmv (a tiny tiny proportion of the atmosphere) there has been, according to satellite measured data, no significant warming for more than 18 years.

(Note to Mr Abbott: Why not point out to any new voters that they have not experienced ANY GLOBAL WARMING throughout their lifetime.)

PM, you could also take some advise from the US Senate. The US Senate doesn't rely on Flim Flam men - people whose income depends on pushing the hoax that the Globe is dangerously warming. The US Senate has had several enquiries calling for evidence from scientists from all sides of the debate.

Dr Judith Curry, Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in her evidence presented the following graph:

Figure 1. Comparison the global average surface temperatures from the surface temperature data sets with the
CMIP5 simulations. The red-hatched region shows the indicative likely range for annual mean GMST
during the period 2016–2035 based on expert judgment.  From Figure 11.25 (IPCC AR5).
As Dr Curry pointed out, the IPCC in their AR5 fantasy(Ed - my word - not DR Judith's)reported increasingly confident consensus views of the importance of anthropogenic influence on the global climate with phrases such as very likely (90% confidence) and extremely likely (95% confidence).
This increase in confidence in the main conclusions in the AR5 SPM seems unwarranted based on the text, figures and analyses in the main WG1 Report, and also in comparison with the conclusions from the AR4.
The Prime Minister should remember who voted him into office. It was NOT believers in the falsified dangerous global warming hypothesis.

Previously there has been a call for  

The Prime Minister should consider these studies before turning his back on his supporters and those supporting the AGW hoax.

Looking at the US senators' climate investigation:

 Roy Spencer and John Christy
Two others who gave evidence to the US Senate Hearing were John Christy and Roy Spencer

Twenty Five years ago, these scientists (Christy and Spencer) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville announced that their study of temperature data from satellites indicated the world was not warming as much as was believed. In a recent interview (link) Spencer said:
"I think we knew it was going to be an important new way of monitoring the climate. But you just never know if something like that is going to have legs scientifically. Whether somebody will come up with a new way of doing it better in two years."
A chart put together by John Christy, director of the Earth System Science Center at the
University of Alabama in Huntsville, that reflects how the temperature
 satellite data (the green line) contrasts with temperature models.

Christy: Numbers are numbers. That's what we produced. Those aren't Republican numbers or Democratic numbers. Those are numbers. Those are observations from real satellites. Roy and I were the pioneers. We discovered how to do this with satellites before anyone else did.

So why is PM Abbott now bowing down to the GAIA-god crazies? Should he be turning his back on the people who have also turned their backs on the GAIA-god crazies?

For the sake of Australia, our representatives should not sign the Paris treaty.

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