"Facts" vs Factoids and "Massaged" Data

The Washington Times editorial of Mon February 16:

Mischief with factoids

Global warming fanatics manipulate the facts to rescue a scam
Facts are facts, as any reputable scientist would tell you, and if someone tries to change them, like changing a pair of soiled pants, they risk embarrassing exposure. The global warming hysteria is premised on “facts” showing the earth is warming, but these “facts” have been repeatedly exposed as “factoids,” the playful invented word of novelist Norman Mailer, to describe something that is presented as fact, sounds like it could be a fact, but is actually not a fact. Surely imposing global restrictions on human activity, which would deny prosperity to the poorest among us, must be premised on something better than factoids.
Climate alarmists insist that weather stations worldwide indicate the planet is warming. Like a fire bell in the night, they cry in ever shriller tones that Earth is doomed, by man burning coal, oil and natural gas, which release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that trap the sun’s heat. Only the brave dare question the scam, because the science is settled. Facts are facts.
ON this blog we have read Jennifer Marohasy's great work in exposing the unnecessary "massaging" of data to promote the global warming scam (My word, not Jen's) [See inter alia - The Old Data is getting warmer.]
Paul Homewood, on his blog Not a Lot of People Know That has also exposed much of the massaged Data. Some of Paul's posts:-

Washington Times continues:
Several instances of questionable temperature adjustments don’t necessarily prove deceit, but skeptics (climate change alarmists borrow Holocaust language to call these skeptics “climate change deniers”) rightly ask whether similar altered readings around the world are a deceptive numbers game. Even if such adjustments can be plausibly explained, they nevertheless raise the reasonable suspicion that facts have been molded into factoids. If the butcher must not “adjust” the scale with his thumb when figuring the price of salami, neither is it acceptable for climate scientists to adjust the facts to fit the global warming theory that could upend the global economy.
Interesting FACT: All the massaging have "cooled" past "data" and "warmed" present "data."
If the butcher was caught "massaging" the meat's weight with his thumb, he would be prosecuted. Meanwhile the temperature "massagers" are still at large, unprosecuted.

The Times then mentions Christiana Figueres' statement earlier this month covered by this blog here - 

Our aim is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

The Washington Times concludes:
Socialism is often wrapped in the best of intentions, but when good intentions are not enough the good intentions give way to artful deceit. That’s the strategy for manipulating temperature data to frighten the world into accepting a new economic development model. Congress should exercise its oversight role with an investigation of NASA’s “temperature reading practices” to make sure they’re dealing in facts, not factoids.

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