The Greenhouse Effect and the Infrared Radiative Structure of the Earth's Atmosphere

The Greenhouse Effect and the Infrared Radiative Structure of the Earth's Atmosphere

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Author: Ferenc Mark Miskolczi

Abstract: This paper presents observed atmospheric thermal and humidity structures and global scale simulations of the infrared absorption properties of the Earth's atmosphere. These data show that the global average clear sky green-house effect has remained unchanged with time. A theo-retically predicted infrared optical thickness is fully consistent with, and supports the observed value. It also facilitates the theoretical determination of the planetary radiative equilibrium cloud cover, cloud altitude and Bond albedo. In steady state, the planetary surface (as seen from space) shows no greenhouse effect: the all-sky surface up-ward radiation is equal to the available solar radiation. The all-sky climatological greenhouse effect (the difference of the all-sky surface upward flux and absorbed solar flux) at this surface is equal to the reflected solar radiation. The plane-tary radiative balance is maintained by the equilibrium cloud cover which is equal to the theoretical equilibrium clear sky transfer function. The Wien temperature of the all-sky emission spectrum is locked closely to the thermo-dynamic triple point of the water assuring the maximum radiation entropy. The stability and natural fluctuations of the global average surface temperature of the heterogeneous system are ultimately determined by the phase changes of water. Many authors have proposed a greenhouse effect due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. The present analysis shows that such an effect is impossible.


  1. In his full PDF Ferenc said:

    "research must continue to find and establish the real causes and the true trends in global temperature change that may be present behind the natural fluctuations."

    I support the above findings on the basis that convective changes will always adjust the balance between radiation and conduction within the Earth system so as to match energy out to space with energy in from space.

    The existence of water simply makes the process much easier. If there were no water the same principle would apply but convective overturning within the atmosphere would have to work much harder to maintain equilibrium.

    I referred favourably to the Miskolczi findings here:

    and this is the latest version of my hypothesis as to 'the real causes .... behind the natural fluctuations' :


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