Thursday, 27 November 2014

The ABC is out of control.

Opinion by Anthony Cox

I wrote before about the ABC’s bias and the real cost of the ABC to the Australian community. Since then the Abbott government has announced reasonable budget cuts but the ABC has sunk further into its betrayal of its Charter and of the Australian community.

In a recent poll about the farcical China/US deal about emissions the ABC’s The Drum initially showed this result:
12/11/2014: China and the US have struck a new deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Do you think Australia will need to adjust its climate change policies as a result?



15205 votes counted
Given the ABC’s Left/Green readership a remarkable result. However shortly the result was changed to this:
12/11/2014: China and the US have struck a new deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Do you think Australia will need to adjust its climate change policies as a result?
6001 votes counted
How could you trust an organisation which lies like that and distorts public information?

You can’t. So when on page 6 of its report the ABC gloats that 84% of the Australian people think it provides a valuable service you cannot believe this.

The ABC workforce is sheltered from the reality of normal commercial practice:

You would think that would make its workforce grateful and more responsive to its Charter of balance but consider these:

The ‘lady’ in the photograph is Whitney Fitzsimmons host of the ABC’s Business Today. Would you want to do business with her?

And of course Trioli’s infamous reaction to Barnaby Joyce:

Trioli was a supporter of Bin Laden after 9/11.

Even old Quentin Dempster can’t help but get into the act: he calls the ABC cuts “a piece of Tony Abbott/Rupert Murdoch bastardry”.

The ABC is outrageously biased, pro left, pro Green and ferociously anti-conservative. It has NO conservative commentators. Yet Murdoch has many left wing writers working for him:

Leftist columnists in Murdoch’s Australian newspapers:
Phillip Adams
Troy Bramston
Tory Shepherd
Susie O’Brien
Laurie Oakes
David Penberthy
Anthony Sharwood
Jack the Insider
Joe Hildebrand
Malcolm Farr
Terry Sweetman
Paul Syvret
Dennis Atkins
Graham Richardson
Claire Harvey
Peter Brent
Errol Simper
Tristan Edis
Peter van Onselen (depending on the wind)
Paul Kelly and Alan Kohler

Bolt sums up the issue perfectly:

The answer of course is that the ABC has not been brought to heel but allowed to continue on its path of betrayal by ALP governments which it favours and also weak coalition governments.

In a mature democracy where anyone can start their own media outlet it is a nonsense that a hugely expensive media outlet which is palpably biased towards one section of the community should have its funding provided by all the community.

That the ABC views the community with contempt is clearly shown by the actions of Mark Scott, who has admitted he cannot control the ABC, and his cuts to those sections of the ABC which may impact most on the conservative section of the community.

Such contempt should not be rewarded by further funding.

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[Ed] Larry Pickering finds that the ABC is even-handed:


  1. Clementine Ford, regular writer for the ABC's DRUM sold the F#ck Abbott T-Shirts as Tim Blair wrote:

    According to the Age, profits from columnist Clementine Ford’s Abbott-hating t-shirts would be donated to needy organisations:

    The T-shirts are ethically produced, printed in Melbourne and Ford is going to direct profits to towards just three organisations that she says will be worse off under an Abbott government: The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, The Aboriginal Legal Service and The Council for Single Mothers and Their Children.

    Note: not a “portion” of profits. Not a “percentage” of profits. Just profits – by implication, all of them. But Ford herself now writes:

    This is for all the pro-Abbott folks out there who hate my t-shirts. I’ve made around $4500 in profit in two days … Some profits going to charity though!

    The Age didn’t run any such qualification in its free ad for Ford’s ethical garments. How much might “some” be? Two-thirds? Half? A quarter? Try even lower. At her t-shirt sales site, charitable Clementine has lately added this:

    UPDATE: Due to the success of the project, I’ve chosen to direct part of the profits to three organisations who’ll suffer under Abbott’s government. At least 20% of all profit …

    So, from profits to date, that’s a lousy $300 each to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the Aboriginal Legal Service and the Council for Single Mothers and Their Children, while privileged Clementine pockets a handy $3600 – including, no doubt, some cash from gullible buyers who believed the Age‘s line about profit donations.

    UPDATE. Fairfax’s free ad, as it originally appeared:

    As an antidote to the crushing reality of Post-Abbott world she’s created some cathartic t-shirts with slogans that include (NSFW)‘F**k Abbott’ and (SFW) ‘Abbott is not my Prime Minister’ that can bought online.

    That promotion has since been stealthily edited:

    As an antidote to the crushing reality of a Post-Abbott world she’s created some cathartic T-shirts with slogans that include ‘Abbott is not my Prime Minister’ which can be bought online.

  2. This article is where your education starts.


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