Thursday, 27 November 2014

European Winters Show Clear Cooling Trend - European Climate Institute

Pierre Gosselin, on his NoTricksZone blog reports:

Germany’s mean winter temperature has been falling since NASA
scientist James Hansen warned in 1988 of rapidly warming planet.
Chart: Josef Kowatsch, EIKE
Right on schedule, winter will be making its real debut at the end of this week as a colder air mass pushes westward into Central Europe, so writes German weather portal here. 
This does not come as any surprise to those who ignore the warming hysteria in the media and follow the observed data. Today, according to the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here, data from the DWD German national weather service shows that winters in Germany have been cooling significantly and in parallel with those in Austria for close to three decades – despite rising CO2 emissions. 
If Co2 has a warming effect, it hasn’t been seen in Central Europe since James Hansen testified before Congress in 1988!
Hmmm.....Was it James Hansen's testimony that caused the cooling?

Austrian Snow last month.

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