Windmill Disaster - Do we need RETS?

Wind Turbine Exploding.
Do you know how big those pieces are?
Why aren't the Greens supporting the environment?

Why do we keep finding things like

Have the "Greens" ever complained, ever protested about the killing of bats and birds?


Are the Greens  concerned about the detrimental harm to people caused by this inefficient form of energy creation?


Well, are the "Greens" and the other political parties who bow to idiotic "Green" ideology concerned about human health....bat and bird killings...


~ They have been confused by the stupid "Green" Ideology.

and wait - there is more:-

Windmills breaking up are dangerous! See this vid


  1. Wow, I'm glad we still have nice, safe fossil fuels to use. After all, there has never been an accident associated with fossil fuels unlike those killer wind turbines........ Please!

    1. I too am glad that we have nice safe cheap fossil fuels to use. Thanks for your support for sensible energy creation, Peter.


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