NIWA Wrong in Making Temperature Warmer

By Anthony Cox

In 2012 Judgement was given in a case where the New Zealand equivalent of the Bureau of Meteorology, NIWA, was accused of adjusting temperature data to make the record warmer; the decision went against the litigants because the Judge said he had to believe the better scientific credentials of NIWA; see:

Now a new paper has come out written by prominent scientists who have equal qualifications to the NIWA scientists which supports the case against NIWA for wrongly making temperature warmer: (See footnote)

Just as in Australia with BOM we see NZ having its temperature record wrongly made warmer.

It’s a pity this new paper was not available to the litigants against NIWA.

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A Reanalysis of Long-Term Surface Air Temperature Trends in New Zealand * by C.R. de Freitas, M.O. Dedekind and B.E. Brill.
A research paper on the homogenisation of the temperature record in New Zealand, reducing the current official rate of 0.9°C per century to 0.3°C, has just been published in the international scientific journal Environmental Modeling and Assessment.