Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Lord Monckton dissects DiCaprio`s "Last hours"

Al Gore, Mayor de Blasio and Ban Ki Moon
Source: NY Daily News
Lord Monckton goes through scientific data, logic and evidence to counter points made in Leonardo DiCaprio`s 10 minute movie "Last Hours." 

"There is nothing to worry about!" is Monckton`s conclusion.

Lord Monckton:
Ban Ki Moon, the Sec Gen of United Nations finally abandoned any pretence of the impartiality that that office demands; marched on the streets in the pre-summit march alongside various left wing and extreme communist groups revealing the true agenda of the UN which is to shut down the West and establish itself as a global Government.
[The UN] was also going to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere by half, killing most plant life and nearly all animal life on Earth.

Youtube Part 1

Youtube Part 2

There was a separate satellite called the Envisat satellite that operated from 2004 to 2012 and what did it show? Very small sea rise. Or you could take the two GRACE satellites. They measure very small changes in the Gravitational field of the Earth which are caused for instance by sea level changes. And what that showed in that between 2003 and 2009 sea level actually fell.

These tiny changes in sea level have been blown out of all proportion by Mr diCaprio.

Is sea level rising dangerously? The answer is NO, Of course it isn't.

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  1. Climate alarmists have an agenda. They don't really care if the climate is changing, it's our lifestyles that they want to change. Say NO to Agenda 21. It is socialism, at it most evil!


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