Carbon Price is a tax, Bill, as PM Gillard admitted

Here we go again! Everything old is new again.

Julia Gillard, to win power at an election, made her claim that there would be no carbon tax under a government that she led. It haunted her period as PM and eventually she admitted that her carbon price was in effect a carbon tax.

From the Australian 25/2/2011 (link)

JULIA Gillard has dismissed as "semantics" suggestions she has broken an election-eve promise ruling out a carbon tax, while admitting her carbon-pricing plan is "effectively like a tax".
Confronting her critics today, the Prime Minister conceded prices would rise under her plan to tackle climate change. 
“It means things that are generated with more carbon pollution will be more costly,” she said. 
Now, we have Opposition Leader Shorten trying to shore up his election prospects virtually making the same claim: (link)
"Labor doesn't support a carbon tax, but in terms of real and effective action on climate change, I do support a market-based system to set a price and that's where the rest of the world's going," Mr Shorten told Fairfax. 
On Saturday he said it was "important we use the market ... to help set a priority in terms of tackling climate change.
A "price" is a tax; a levy is a tax; an impost is a tax.

Bill Shorten - You are an IMPOSTer!