Another Alarmist Myth Busted - Earth's deep ocean hasn't warmed since 2005

Trenberth according to Cartoons by Josh
During the first few years of the hiatus the alarmists - the climate clowns - tried to ignore the lack of warming. They even became Lack-of-Global Warming deniers.
Trenberth in Climategate1, 2009    The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.
Dr. Phil Jones – CRU emails – 5th July, 2005The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998. OK it has but it is only 7 years of data and it isn’t statistically significant….” 

Dr. Phil Jones – CRU emails – 7th May, 2009‘Bottom line: the ‘no upward trend’ has to continue for a total of 15 years before we get worried.’ 
So, Dr Phil, we have passed your 15 years benchmark.......

18 Years and 1 month with no Global Warming.

This fact got the climate clowns creating suspicious scenarios to try to explain the lack of warming; the hiatus.

For Instance:  Trenberth and Fasullo (2013) paper “An Apparent Hiatus in Global Warming?

From (bold added)

Leading climate scientist Kevin Trenberth has told that he believes the pause in global warming may be caused by long term changes in the Pacific Ocean.
Trenberth and colleague John Fasullo argue in a new scientific paper that the massive El Nino Pacific Ocean warming event that occurred in 1997 and 1998 triggered the pause. They say that the El Nino caused a large loss of heat from the deep ocean to the sea surface that resulted in a cooling of the oceans. Since then the deep ocean has been absorbing heat back from the upper ocean and so cooling the atmosphere.

And then NASA stepped in: 

NASA discovers that Earth's deep ocean hasn't warmed since 2005 (link)

A new NASA study has found that the cold waters of Earth's ocean abyss "have not warmed measurably" since 2005. The study's findings create a "mystery of why global warming appears to have slowed in recent years," according to a statement from NASA. 
A team of scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, looked at data from satellites as well as direct ocean temperature measurements from 2005 to 2013. The study, published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change, found that over those eight years, the Earth's ocean abyss — a.k.a. the Earth's cold waters below 1.24 miles — didn't get significantly warmer. "Deep ocean warming contributed virtually nothing to sea level rise during this period," according to NASA's statement.