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18 July 2014

Death by Delay - the New Green Weapon.

“The difference between taking a part of my life,
and taking my whole life, is just a matter of degree.” Anon
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There was a time, before the baby-boom generation took over, when we took pride in the achievements of our builders, producers and innovators. There was always great celebration when settler families got a phone, a tractor, a bitumen road or electric power. An oil strike or a gold discovery made headlines, and people welcomed new businesses, new railways and new inventions. Science and engineering were revered and the wealth delivered by these human achievements enabled the builders and their children to live more rewarding lives, with more leisure, more time for culture and crusades, and greater interest in taking more care of their environment.

Then a green snake entered the Garden of Eden.

Many of the genuine conservationists from the original environmental societies were replaced by political extremists who felt lost after the Comrade Societies collapsed and China joined the trading world.

These zealots were mainly interested in promoting environmental alarms in order to push a consistent agenda of world control of production, distribution and exchange – a new global utopia run by unelected all-knowing people just like them.

Michael Gorbachev is a prominent example. Consistent open and covert support came from Hollywood, government media organisations and the bureaucracy.

The old Reds became the new Greens.

The new Greens used every credible-sounding scare to recruit support – peak resources, acid rain, ozone holes, global cooling, species extinction, food security, Barrier Reef threats, global warming or extreme weather to justify global controls, no-go areas and international taxes to limit all human activities. Each cause spawned its dedicated bunch of activists.

However the public became disenchanted with their politics of denial, and their opposition to all human progress, so they have adopted a new tactic – death by delay.

“We are not opposed to all development, but we want to ensure all environmental concerns are fully investigated before new developments get approval.”

In fact, their goal is to kill projects with costly regulations, investigations and delay. Their technique is to grab control of bureaucratic bodies like the US EPA which, since 2009, has issued 2,827 new regulations totalling 24,915,000 words.

A current example of death by delay is the Keystone Oil pipeline proposal which would have taken crude oil from Alberta in Canada to refineries on the US Gulf Coast – far better than sending it by rail tankers.

It was first proposed in 2005, and immediately opposed by the anti-industry, anti-carbon zealots who control the EPA and other arms of the US federal government.

The proposal was studied to death by US officials and green busybodies for nine long years.

This week the Canadians lost patience and approved an alternative proposal to take a pipeline to the west coast of Canada, allowing more Albertan oil to be exported to Asia.

Jobs and resources that would have benefitted Americans will now go to Asia.

Naturally the Green delayers will also attempt to throttle this proposal.

Over in Europe, shale gas exploration is also being subject to death by delay. In Britain, the pioneering company, Caudrilla, has been waiting for seven long years for approvals to explore. In France, all such exploration is banned.

Greens also attempted to perpetually delay all development on aboriginal land in Cape York using a new weapon – “Wild Rivers Declarations”. These declarations were recently struck down by the Australian Federal Court. Warren Mundine, Executive Chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, was moved to say:
“It’s easy to oppose. It’s a lot harder to build something that delivers jobs, creates economic prosperity and gives remote communities a sustainable future.”
No wonder India recently accused Greenpeace and other delayers of being “a threat to national economic security”.
Viv Forbes,14/7/14

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The Sky Fell last month, but almost nobody noticed.

The sky fell on Hawaii last month, all because carbon dioxide levels peeped above the much-hyped 400 ppm hurdle. Chicken Littles all over the world squawked into their friendly media megaphones about numerous imminent global warming disasters. One warned: “the fate of the world hangs in the balance.” (Similar alarms were rung when the 350 ppm level was passed).

Thanks to “Minnesotans for Global Warming”
for this illustration:

But nobody else noticed anything scary.

Four pieces of well-established evidence say that 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not a concern.

Firstly, there has been no increase in global temperatures since 1998 despite 16 years of rising carbon dioxide levels and heavy usage of carbon fuels. Clearly, CO2 is not the main driver of global temperatures.

Secondly, the ice core records show clearly, with no exceptions, that all recent ice ages have commenced when the atmosphere contained relatively high levels of carbon dioxide. The temperature fell first, and then carbon dioxide levels fell. This proves that high carbon dioxide levels do not guarantee a warm globe, but could suggest that they may be a harbinger of a coming ice age. Ice will cause far more damage to the biosphere than even the worst warming forecast.

Thirdly, current levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are not extreme or unusual. Carbon dioxide reached 2,000 ppm in the luxuriant era of the dinosaurs, and ten times current levels (4,000 ppm) when the great Devonian coral reefs were flourishing. There is no tipping point into runaway global warming, or we would have tipped eons ago.

Finally, current carbon dioxide levels are just above starvation levels for plants. All vegetation would grow stronger, faster, and be more drought resistant and heat resistant if carbon dioxide levels trebled to 1,200 ppm. Such levels are no threat to humans – US submarines operate at up to 8,000 ppm for cruises of 90 days. Topping 400 ppm should be a cause for celebration – it shows that Earth is emerging from the cold hungry years of the ice ages.

Climate Cassandras have blown false trumpets once again.

Viv Forbes 9/7/2014

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So Much for the Consensus – just 20% believe “the debate is over”.

The Rasmussen polls in US reveal that:
·         63% of US voters say the debate over global warming is NOT over.
·         60% of oppose any move by news organisations to ban sceptics.
·         48% think there is significant disagreement within the scientific community over global warming.
·         42% believe that the media exaggerates global warming alarm.
·         35% believe that scientists generally agree on the subject.
·         22% believe the media present an accurate picture.
·         20% believe the debate on global warming is over.

The Big Lie:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
people will eventually come to believe it.

But the lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie."
Josef Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Governments in Australia, UK and Germany in particular can no longer shield their people from the reality of soaring costs and unreliable performance caused by their lies promoting wind and solar for grid power and their hobbling of reliable electricity producers such as coal, gas and nuclear power.

Ian Plimer new Book Launch.

Professor Ian Plimer has written a new book “Not for Greens” which will be launched in Melbourne and Brisbane by IPA. For info see:

Peer Review of Tim Flannery – “The Weather Makers Re-Examined”.

Dr Wes Allen has examined the book that gave Tim Flannery his Australian-of-the-Year crown and his well-paying job as Climate Commissioner. And Dr Allen has written a very readable and well documented book examining every chapter of it. He says:

 “From cover to cover, Tim Flannery’s message is that ‘we are now the weather makers’. Move over sun, moon, stars, planets, Earth’s mighty oceans, mountains and volcanoes – almighty man now rules the weather! In the context of known geological and cosmic climatic forces, such an anthropocentric focus is almost pre-Copernican.”

Dr Allen puts every chapter of Tim Flannery’s thesis on global warming alarmism under the spotlight of the most up-to-date scientific realism - in climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide, the reliability of the temperature records, sea levels, glaciers, the true state of the Arctic, Antarctic, Greenland, the Great Barrier Reef, extreme weather events, acidification of the oceans, oscillating Atlantic and Pacific currents and much more.

The Weather Makers is shown to contain 23 misinterpretations, 28 contradictory statements, 31 untraceable or suspect sources, 45 failures to reflect uncertainty, 66 over-simplifications or factual errors, 78 exaggerations and over a hundred unsupported dogmatic statements, many of them quite outlandish.

I read this book from cover to cover and learnt a lot from it. I commend it. Get it here:

The Carbon Tax is Gone

Who killed the carbon tax? It is said that victory has a thousand parents, but defeat is an orphan.

So there will be many claiming credit for abolishing the carbon tax. Tony Abbott deserves much credit, supported by people like Dennis Jensen, George Christensen, Barnaby Joyce, Ron Boswell, Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Alan Moran and the bloggers. Providing scientific support, Australians like Ray Evans, Bob Carter, Ian Plimer, Jo Nova, David Evans, Bill Kininmonth, David Archibald and Cliff Ollier stand tall. (This list omits very many other deserving people who played their part, and are entitled to claim credit. Apologies to them in advance.)

Unfortunately, the job is not nearly over. We still have the Green Energy subsidies and targets, far too many bureaucracies still white-anting away, too much being spent on climate-fests, global warming research, climate bureaucracies, Kyoto carbon credit forests and the silly “Direct Action” still breathes. Flannery and Gore will never give up, the Green/ALP coalition waits its chance, much of the media will maintain the rage . . . etc

Prepared by Viv Forbes and Helpers from:
The Carbon Sense Coalition
Rosewood    Qld   Australia


  1. this is a awesome news that..that all recent ice ages have commenced when the atmosphere contained relatively high levels of carbon dioxide. The temperature fell first, and then carbon dioxide levels fell. This proves that high carbon dioxide levels do not guarantee a warm globe, but could suggest that they may be a harbinger of a coming ice age.


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