Carbon Dioxide Tax: Useful? Useless?

Shadow Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Mark Butler today said that if the carbon dioxide tax is reversed, Australia would be without any "useful" climate change policy.

Note the word useful.

Remember that his party, the Australian Labor Party, introduced a useless carbon dioxide tax.

Useless. you ask?

Well, what would you call a tax that would cut global temperatures by four thousands of one degree by the end of the century?

During an interview on the Bolt Report, 13 April 2014, (LINK) Anthony Albanese told Andrew Bolt that “We are not Climate Sceptics....”

Andrew Bolt then said: 

The IPCC Scientist Professor Roger Jones estimates that at the very most, if global warming theory hasn’t been exaggerated, your (Labor’s) carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme to achieve the same effect, would cut the world’s temperatures by four thousandths of one degree by the end of the century.

Source of Andrew's figure (LINK)
Victoria University climate scientist Professor Roger Jones has calculated that if the rest of the world did not act and Australia reduced emissions until 2020, then did nothing else, Australia's policy would knock 0.0038 degrees off the global temperature rise by 2100.
Jones's best estimate is that in those circumstances, global temperatures would rise by 4.7674 degrees. If Australia also did nothing, the temperature rise would be 4.7712 degrees.
THERE! Did you find that information useful?