Alarmists' Battering Ram, their Sham Scam

It's nice to see a media report taking the mickey out of the Global Warming Nazi's great global warming swindle (See below).

John Ransom, writing for Town Hall Daily:

The Devil in Global Warming Details

Ransom re-exposed the sham scam 97% consensus. Definitely part of the Global Warming Nazi's Swindle that has been exposed so many times it is amazing that they have the nerve, the sheer gall to keep repeating it. It has been exposed, inter alia, herehere, here, here, here etc etc etc.
Ransom writes:

“The University of Queensland in Australia is taking legal action to block the release of data used by one of its scientists to come up with the oft-quoted statistic that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that mankind is causing global warming,” reports the Daily Caller. 
It seems a blogger has gotten hold of the primary data used in the research, and the data suggests that far from having a consensus that global warming is man-made, scientists are still skeptical. 
This is not the first time that critics have questioned the results of that study.
A catalog of studies in a report published by Science & Education, shows that a little more than one quarter of 1% of all studies conclude that global warming is man-made, says the Daily Caller. 
“In fact, Cook’s paper provides the clearest available statistical evidence that there is scarcely any explicit support among scientists for the consensus that the IPCC, politicians, bureaucrats, academics and the media have so long and so falsely proclaimed,” says statistician Dr William Briggs in a press release accompanying the report. “That was not the outcome Cook had hoped for, and it was not the outcome he had stated in his paper, but it was the outcome he had really found.” 
And here's what I know about people who lie: they are liars.
And then Ransom reinforces the remark about lying:
“Three years of observations show that the Antarctic ice sheet is now losing 159 billion tonnes of ice each year,” reports the UK’s University of Leeds, “twice as much as when it was last surveyed. A team of scientists from the UK Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, led by researchers at the University of Leeds, have produced the first complete assessment of Antarctic ice sheet elevation change.” ............ 
The press release goes on to say that the ice melt could contribute to an increase in “global sea levels by 0.45 millimetres each year alone.” 

Dr Don Easterbrook exposed this as malarky with his paper