Dependable, reliable and affordable coal

Images: Daily Caller
US West Virginian Democratic Senator Joe Manchin slammed radical critics of coal during debate on the Senate floor over the role of coal in global warming.

Manchin said:

"Fossil fuels, more specifically coal, is a vital part of our energy mix. Eight billion tons of coal are consumed every year.”
China uses more than half that, Manchin said, while the U. S. and Europe each use a billion tons. With 1,200 new coal plants slated to be built in 53 countries, Manchin said the use of coal is projected to grow dramatically.

While climate change is blamed for more severe weather, Manchin said that without coal-produced energy, the northeastern United States would have “suffered severe power outages” during the polar vortex in January.

“No question,” Manchin said. “People would have died.” (Link)


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