Saturday, 10 May 2014

Will the REAL Deniers please stand up......

Previously this blog has outed the "Global Warming Nazis" as being the REAL deniers, here and here and here etc) Now, UAH's Dr Roy W. Spencer (who coined the term "Global Warming Nazis" used above) has written a post:

Yes, Ben Adler, there are liberal equivalents to climate change denial

which includes this list of Alarmist denials:
1) natural climate change denial
2) denial that coal and petroleum work better than unicorn farts as fuels,
3) denial that a small amount of warming is better than killing millions of poor people by restricting access to inexpensive energy,
4) denial that the human-induced component of climate change is anything but catastrophic and an emergency,
5) denial that an increasing number of scientists are becoming skeptics,
6) denial that IPCC scientists were caught red-handed trying to silence the opposition and “hide the decline”,
7) denial of the observations, which show much less warming than any of the climate models can explain over the last 30+ years.
Add one of our lists in THIS post:

  • DENY the existence of the Medieval Warm Period;
  • DENY that fact that there was a Roman Warm Period,;
  • DENY the Minoan Warm Period Data;
  • DENY the fact that warming occurs BEFORE the rise in atmospheric CO2.
We know that the Global warming Nazis knowingly tried to level out the Medieval Warm period and the Little Ice Age by creating the flawed MBH98 "Hockey Stick" graph (back-up link). That was NOT denial, that was an attempt to fraudulently warp science.

We know that the Alarmists have adjusted the temperature data to show a (false) warming. (back-up link and another)

The question is:

Are the Alarmist the TRUE deniers? or are they CONVENIENCE deniers?

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  1. Dr Hans Jelbring wrote about the gravito-thermal effect and he and I agree that this is what determines planetary surface temperatures. See my Amazon book "Why it's not carbon dioxide after all" linked at

    Natural climate cycles are regulated by planetary orbits. The plot on my first climate website (below) is derived from the angular momentum of the Sun and nine planets - see


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