Interglacials over past 600,000 years similar to the present interglacial: New Paper

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First graph at left is the pollen temperature proxy. Added red line shows 3 prior
interglacials as warm or warmer.  Third graph is CO2 levels, with most prior
interglacial CO2 levels as high or higher than the pre-industrial period
[red line is added]. Second graph from right is Greenland ice core temperature
proxy. Last graph is solar insolation in January and June. 

New paper shows prior interglacials over past 600,000 years similar to the present interglacial

A paper published today in Quaternary Science Reviews reconstructs temperatures and CO2 levels using a pollen proxy in Turkey over the past 600,000 years and shows remarkable agreement with the Arctic ice core data, with prior interglacials as warm or warmer than the present interglacial, similar vegetation, and prior interglacials with CO2 levels at or above those of the pre-industrial period. 


Lake Van record is the longest Quaternary paleoclimate archive in the Near East.
It documents multiple glacial–interglacial cycles encompassing the last 600 ka.
The pollen data reflect high-amplitude climate shifts.
The results are compared with continental, marine and ice-core records.

See The Hockey Shtick for details and abstract - LINK.