Latest Stupid AGW Stuff

AGW Update; latest stupid things

by Anthony Cox

With AGW you get used to stupid things done by the alarmists and opportunists who promote this grotesquely wasteful ideological clap trap but a couple of things recently show that the true believers are expanding the parameters again in terms of what they think they can get away with.

The first is another declaration of doom and gloom about how AGW is going to make crop production decline and we’re all going to starve. AGW does this; It’s like a torturer thinking up new ways to kill you. This week it’s starving.

So, a few odds and sods collectively known as climate scientists have been pushing the starvation barrow and the Fairfax press, media to the apocalypse has dutifully reported this gibberish.

The idea that crop production is falling due to AGW is easily refuted by this list of crop records for all crops since 1970.

It takes a special type of deluded perception to claim a non-existent problem, AGW, is causing a non-existent problem, reduced crop production.

This delusion however has further dimensions. Some background shows this. Current levels of CO2 are the lowest in geologic history:

This graph is also instructive in that it shows the lack of correlation between CO2 and temperature over geologic periods.

Equally the idea that warmer temperatures are a catastrophe is refuted by this geologic graph:

Note the Eocene Optimum. It was an optimum period for plants and wildlife because it was warm; that’s why it is called the Optimum. There are many studies showing that warm conditions are better than cold; certainly less people die due to warmth than cold and generally people thrive due to warmth as professor Tol’s study shows.

In terms of agriculture CO2 improves plant growth as our dear friend Tim Curtin’s last study shows.

Other studies show world rice production increasing despite, as usual, alarmist predictions that rice production would fall.

And Professor Sage’s seminal study on the development of agriculture shows that it could not happen until levels of CO2 increased to at least 270 parts per million perhaps just 12000 years ago.

Today’s level of CO2 at 400 parts per million is just above the absolute minimum level of CO2 required for agriculture.

So how delusional are these AGW scientists claiming AGW, or increased CO2 is going to cause agriculture to decline?

Well in true topsy turvy fashion, in a world view where logic is dispensed with along comes another AGW believer, a university professor who declares that sceptics of AGW are insane and should be treated as insane. Here is her background and here is her picture:

I rest my case.