Sense Level rises with NSW Government's sea level rise circular.

Gosford Waterfront

In April 2012, the Coastal Residents Group held a rally against sea level rise claims. Their
Pat Aiken addresses rally  2012
President Len Gibbons and Secretary Pat Aiken led the rally and speakers included Prof Bob Carter, Galileo Movement's Malcolm Roberts and Wyong council independents Greg Best and Doug Eaton.

Although no Gosford Councillors attended the rally, shortly thereafter Gosford Council dumped the controverial clause on planning documents which labelled their homes as in danger of sea level rise.

However many other coastal councils still held policies that were reliant on false information from bodies like the Climate Commission ( now known as the Climate Council.) See Climate Council fiddles the figures.
Global warming is real, man made, and could cause the world's sea level to rise a metre by the end of the century, much higher than previously thought, according to the federal government's Climate Commission. 
Melbourne faces extreme and more frequent flooding, while higher sea levels are already "bad news" for fragile areas including Kakadu and the Great Barrier Reef, says Commissioner Will Steffen.
Typical alarmist stuff from Steffen and Flannery which even surpassed the IPCC's highest projection. The IPCC's latest range for Sea Level Rise is between 0.26 and 0.97 of a metre by the year 2100.

In 2011,  The Journal of Coastal Research published a peer reviewed paper by Phil Watson, the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change's coastal unit team leader. Watson's paper called into question one of the key criteria for large-scale inundation around the Australian coast by 2100 -- the assumption of an accelerating rise in sea levels because of climate change.
Watson, P.J., 2011. Is there evidence yet of acceleration in mean sea level rise around mainland Australia? Journal of Coastal Research 27, 368-377.  (Link)
It appears that, at least the NSW government is starting to read some of the real scientific literature and not the alarmist propaganda dissembled by the IPCC and the Climate Council. The Australian reports:

Climate doomsday planning powers to be eroded

 COUNCILS in NSW will be instructed to distinguish between "clear and present dangers" of coastal erosion and flooding and "doomsday" UN scenarios of global sea-level rises under a landmark policy on coastal planning and climate change to be unveiled today. 
NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard will release a draft circular aimed at stopping some coastal councils from imposing draconian planning restrictions based exclusively on UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predictions of what could happen a century ahead.
Now all we need are the other states to make similar pronouncements.


  1. Thank you for your hard work in compiling this news. A sceptical Queenslander.


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