Presenting the Facts of AGW

The public’s belief in man-made global warming (AGW) is fading, but it has a long way to go before our politicians realise that Australians don’t accept that we should lead the world in trying to stabilise the global climate.

It is of the utmost importance that expenditure of taxpayers’ money on futile schemes designed to reduce usage of fossil fuels is stopped asap.

One way to expedite this cessation is to try to educate the many journalists who have so far been uninterested in the facts, and the many gullible politicians who believe that the IPCC reports are equivalent to Moses’ tablets.

It is planned to bring to Australia one of the world’s leading educators on climate issues, Prof. Chris Essex, to make some public presentations and speak to journalists and politicians in small groups so that they receive factual information from an expert source.  Prof. Essex is Chairman of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Climate of the World Federation of Scientists, and Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.

The visit is to take place in February to coincide with the first 2014 sitting of Parliament when climate issues will be a current topic. One point of focus would be to have our presenter highlight the developments on climate change since the Abbott government assumed office last July. These, we believe, provide additional strong support for changing existing government policies.

The cost of this project has been budgeted at $100,000 and your generous support is requested to achieve this level of funding.  Please advise if you are prepared to commit to funding or make a contribution now. Contributions can be made via a direct credit into the bank account (see below), or click the Paypal “donate” button on the web site ( ); reference “Essex visit” (if the visit does not eventuate, any contribution will be refunded).

All surplus funds will go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Des Moore, Director IPE, former Deputy Secretary, Treasury
Case Smit, Director, Galileo Movement

P.S. As time is short, could we please have your response by January 27th.

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