Christopher Essex interviewed by Topher

Des Moore, Director IPE, former Deputy Secretary, Treasury and Case Smit, Director, Galileo Movement are seeking funds to bring Prof. Chris Essex, the Chairman of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Climate of the World Federation of Scientists, and Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.  See 

Presenting the Facts of AGW

Donations to: Galileo Movement Pty Limited, National Australia Bank Ltd.

                         BSB: 084855,Acc. No. 191696855 reference “Essex visit” 

As time is short, could we please have your response by January 27th.

(if the visit does not eventuate, any contribution will be refunded).

Topher Interviews Christopher Essex 

Chris Essex: One of the things I do know is where all the bodies are buried when it comes to models.

We're dealing with a fundamental problem. How people are able to articulate and  grasp technical subjects.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. (not Trotsky)

There is no such thing as oxygen, pre carbon dioxide.

It's almost impossible to articulate how barking mad a lot of this stuff is.