Jerusalem and Cairo covered in AGW Dust (aka snow) We need some global warming.

We could use some global warming! Reports are coming in from across the world of extreme cold records.

Business Insider reports "It’s snowed in Cairo for the first time in 112 years."

From Israel, Haaretz reports:

Massive snowstorm shuts down Jerusalem; police to residents: Stay indoors

Heavy storms continued throughout Israel on Friday, causing traffic disruptions and power outages across the country, floods in southern regions, a brief closure of Ben-Gurion International Airport, and a measure of excitement among the nation's many snow-lovers. 

Down in Antarctica, it's cold. Of course it is! But they have recorded the unofficial coldest temperature ever:

Antarctica records unofficial coldest temperature ever

Based on remote satellite measurements, scientists recently recorded that temperature at a desolate ice plateau in East Antarctica. It was the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth, though it may not get that recognition in the official record book.

In the US of A, Anthony Watts reports

Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week

Down-under, in sunny Australia, there was snow in the summer month of December:

Snow falling. In Australia. In summer. 

We NEED some Global Warming!