How deniers view global warming

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From Denier Land (thanks to Skeptical Science)

How deniers view global warming


  1. Denial kills.

    If there were even a 1% chance that the 30-40 thousand climate scientists were correct we should go "hell bent for leather" to renewables. I don't care how it is done: carbon tax, DOD, Obama, EPA... but the potential damage warrants immediate action.

  2. Paid for denial kills. Those who knowingly twist the facts are as complicit in the climate related deaths (140,000/year according to the World Health Organization) as were the everyday Germans during WW2 in the deaths of Jews. Only you do it for profit, they did it out of hatred. Result? Same.

    1. Are you a little warped, jzt?

      What do you mean, paid for denial? We do our educating not being paid. The people being paid are the alarmists pushing the falsified hypothesis of man made global warming.

      Did you watch the vid and see how the past has been SO-O-O much warmer?

      Do you know that there has been no warming for at least 17 years and that there has been global cooling for most of this century?

      And as for those facts that you are knowingly trying to twist.

      Here are some recent stories of recent climate related deaths:

      20,000 pensioners died from the cold last winter (Express Nov 12 2012)

      THE extreme cold is thought to have killed thousands of elderly people with a possible total death toll of around 30,000, it emerged yesterday. (March 25,2013)

      etc etc..... Cold causes more deaths than warming.

      And where do you get this stupid idea that we are doing this for profit? We get nothing out of it except the gratification that, by exposing the hoax, we are helping our children and grand-children.

      Do you de

    2. Very well said, Geoff. THANK YOU.


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