Frozen Wasteland -All Gore wants is a tax!

The Minnesotans For Global Warming have done it again.
I saw "The Who" perform Baba O'Reily (AKA Teenage Wasteland) for the halftime show at the Superbowl and was inspired to do this parody in honor of the horrible winter we're having. It's called "Frozen Wasteland" and in it I try to recreate the synthesizer part on the banjo. The Viking hat is in honor of the Vikings' great season. join the fan page on facebook here: 

Up here on the farm We chop wood To stay Warm
We all could use some Global Warming

We all need to fight To preserve our rights
 I don't want to be taxed  just for breathing

Open your eyes Don't believe their lies 
It's just a Frozen Wasteland

Al Gore is a liar His pants are on fire
Plus he's getting rich from carbon offsets

He's loose with the facts All he wants is a tax
Lets get together Before it gets much colder

Frozen Wasteland
Its just a Frozen Wasteland
Frozen Wasteland
Frozen Wasteland