Comments on Human Induced Global Warming - Episode 1 - The Hiroshima Bomb Metric

Bob Tisdale talks about John Cook's (UN)Skeptical Science's new widget. Like all the SHtuff on (UN)Skeptical Science, there is much doubt about it's accuracy.

Of this video, Bob writes:
With much fanfare from the faithful (a grand total of 15 comments as of this writing), SkepticalScience recently released their 4-Hiroshima-Bombs-per-second widget.  Their claimed intent is to “raise the awareness of global warming”. 
Their intent is to scare people—children and adults—into believing that something must be done about global warming. It’s nothing but propaganda—plain and simple.  It’s based on estimates of the radiative imbalance caused by human-induced global warming. 
Without thought—nothing new there—SkepticalScience has now opened the door for people to illustrate (1) the diminutive size of the radiative imbalance in relation to the amount of sunlight and infrared radiation that warms the planet every day, and (2) the massive uncertainties behind the imbalance. 
So that’s the foundation for the first of a series of YouTube videos titled “Comments on Human-Induced Global Warming”.  Episode 1 is “The Hiroshima Bomb Metric”.

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