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Stop Wasting Money on the IPCC

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Stop Wasting Money on the IPCC

Media Statement by Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition.
2nd October 2013

Any quotes taken directly from this statement may be attributed to Mr Forbes

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Australian government to stop wasting money on IPCC activities – “no submissions, no delegates, no funds”.

The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said that the repeated failures of the IPCC theories and climate models shows that the money spent on these activities would be better spent on disaster-proofing public infrastructure – “whatever we spend on IPCC activities is too much”.


The science debate is over. They lost.

Decades ago the IPCC proposed a theory that Earth’s temperature is controlled by the 0.04% trace of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This theory was used to make predictions by at least 73 computer models.

Thirty years of observations has proven every prediction wrong.

Therefore their theory is wrong. That is how science works.

Now, faced with collapse of their theory and de-funding of their activities, the alarmist crew have switched to politics.

The IPCC Summary document released last week with all the hoopla of a political convention is a political document produced by consensus. It was negotiated by a faceless committee of international bureaucrats for their government masters, most of whom have a vested interest in proving there is a continuing problem needing international taxes and controls.

Consensus is the tool of politics. Public opinion is where the next climate battle will be fought.

They will lose again. It is time to stop wasting money on a lost cause.


Viv Forbes,
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition
Rosewood    Qld   Australia

For those who would like to read more on how sanity is being restored, one by one.

"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; 

it will be seen that they go mad in herds, 
while they only recover their senses slowly, 
and one by one."
Charles Mackay

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(Editor) See also from  Judith A. Curry - Chair and Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology.
"The IPCC needs to get out of the way so that scientists and policy makers can better do their jobs"

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The Last Word.

Ford Develops Green Car
It runs on Naturally Occurring Organic Compounds

DEARBORN, MI—The Ford Motor Company announced on Wednesday that it has developed a new SUV that will be powered exclusively by gasoline, a 100% reliable, oil-based energy source. “We’re very proud to introduce the Ford Petrola, a vehicle that runs on a specialized fuel derived almost entirely from naturally occurring organic compounds,” said Raj Nair, the company’s vice president of global product development. “Whether you’re commuting to work or heading out for a little adventure on the weekend, just fill the Petrola with gasoline and you’ll be ready to go. Best of all, this pure hydrocarbon fuel source is currently available at more than 100,000 filling stations across America.” Nair also noted that prototypes of the new vehicle have been able to travel more than 300 miles on a single “power charge” of gasoline.

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