Peter FitzSimons: Bushfire Bastard

Peter FitzSimons:
Bushfire Bastard.

by Anthony Cox

I’ll admit FitzSimons gets up my nose. He is everything which is wrong with the media. Arrogant, opinionated and incapable of changing his mind because his ego is so wrapped up with his ‘position’ on the particular issues he supports.

Like all the left media FitzSimons is a moralist. His position on any issue is predicated on his position being morally right. Therefore, according to the logic of his position, anyone who takes a contrary view is immoral, inferior and deserving of scorn.

It’s a mental prison which has trapped all the left-wing media especially the ABC and Fairfax.

Naturally FitzSimons endorsed and enthusiastically and sarcastically supported the stupid and opportunistic position that the recent bushfires were evidence of man-made global warming [AGW].

In tweets FitzSimons said:

Bolt has looked at the factual ignorance of this tweet by FitzSimons. Which is to say neither cyclones are increasing nor bushfires, nor droughts or floods. In fact the whole tweet by FitzSimons is either a lie or a reckless, irresponsible claim incompatible with the prominence FitzSimons has in the media.

FitzSimons’ wilful ignorance about bushfires and AGW extends to his own paper, the SMH. As Bolt notes FitzSimons makes this claim:
Me? I thought this was effectively blown out of the water by Fairfax writer Tony Wright, who looked a little deeper at Wikipedia and established that: ‘’According to Wikipedia ... they’re the first major conflagrations over more than a century that have occurred as early as October. With the exception of a couple in November, all the rest – and there are about 40 of them – have been in December, January, February, March, and once, in April.’’
This is terrible; even a cursory check of the SMH’s records show coverage of other “conflagrations” as early as October.

As well, bushfires are so common in this country they are sometimes not even reported to any great extent. I can remember doing my HSC in October 1970 when many of my fellow students were called away to fight bushfires on their properties in the Hunter Valley. Mention of them was made in the local paper but it was accepted as normal.

Today we have ignorant vultures like FitzSimons who have considerable influence in the media making pernicious claims about these bushfires and AGW. For that he is a member of the bushfire bastards club.

His pretentious red bandana will make an appropriate symbol for the other poseurs and wankers already in the club.


  1. A bit of optimism for Geoff who posted this...I've never heard of this geek FitzSimons and in my neck of the woods, Central Queensland aka Center of the Universe, there would be many of us delightfully happy ignoramouses.

  2. Fitzsimons, good lord, the man is like a mix of a rabid Greenie crossed with a Labor stalwart. I don't know what I find more offensive, the fact he is like that or wears, sadly so, that bandanna 24 hours a day.

  3. Fitzsimons is an arrogant and pious prick, fully deserving of the tag 'Bushfire Bastard'. I spent all my early life in the South West Slopes at the bottom of the Snowies and western Riverina. I've seen fires throughout most months of the year. The difference is that back then there as no green agenda to promote so people accepted this for what it was, NORMAL.


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