Nuclear Power or Wind Power

Created by Gabrielle Hollis 3D 2D Movies.

'A graphic representation to show the minimum number of Wind Turbines required to equal the output of one Nuclear power Station.
The comparative performance and actual landscape impact of each system.'

An interesting project that shows that even though Wind Turbines are considered the 'greener' solution; they are in fact a 'huge' presence on the landscape and coastline. This is one of the current arguments that face us today, especially here in the UK, when land is at a premium.

This is an educational animation, created as a Power-Point presentation to highlight this current issue.

I created this animation in 3D Studio Max and Flash.

It is accurate and to scale.

It is truly incredible!


  1. Thorium Molten Salt Reactors are safer, cleaner, 99 times less waste, can't blow up or melt down and are walk away safe. Thorium is 500 times more plantiful than U-235.

  2. Bill Koutalianos27 October 2013 at 13:47

    That video misrepresents the true nature of wind energy. Those turbines were turning for the full 2 minute clip, when in fact the fine print at the outset of the clip notes "the true average overall output is only about 25% of the manufacturer's rated power."


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