Wednesday, 23 October 2013

More Bastards 2

by Anthony Cox

Figueres and Roxon
a pair of bastards?
In previous posts I have described Adam Bandt’s egregious comments blaming the bushfires on man-made global warming [AGW] as the act of a bastard based on Nicola Roxon’s criteria and use of the word to describe her former leader Rudd and by implication herself.

Other people jumped on the bastard bandwagon making the same comments that Bandt had made or supporting him with misrepresentations of AGW science, which is probably an oxymoron.

Unfortunately the queue to be a bastard about the bushfires and AGW is long and some more people have made excellent applications to be called bastards along with Bandt.

The first is UN climate chief Christiana Figueres. As the person overseeing the UN’s climate division, the IPCC, Figueres is answerable for the delirious material presented as ‘evidence’ by the IPCC since its first report in 1990. In some respects the latest report, AR5, is returning to a more reasonable approach to the ‘science’ about whether AGW actually exists or not. For instance AR5’s depiction of the Hockeystick has eliminated Mann’s outrageous Hockeystick which Gore and others so shamefully used and replaced it with something resembling the IPCC’s first temperature chart showing a Medieval Warm Period at least as warm as today.

However old habits die hard and Figueres is still pushing AGW alarmism. Her comments about the bushfires in Australia were as complicit as Bandt’s. Figueres says:
"We are really already paying the price of carbon. We are paying the price with wildfires, we are paying the price with droughts. 
"What we have seen are just introductions to the doom and gloom that we could be facing."

This is hysterical junk with no basis in fact. In respect of the bushfires Figueres’ position could not be any more ridiculous. On the one hand she says:
There was "absolutely" a link between climate change and the fire crisis playing out in NSW 
On the other she says:
"The World Meteorological Organisation has not established the direct link between this wildfire and climate change - yet." 
So there you have it; for Figueres there may be no evidence but she is “absolutely” certain. In one simple phrase she has increased the level of certainty about AGW being real offered in AR5 at 95%, already an increase from past reports, to 100%. Still with the same lack of evidence.

Her comments about drought are equally absurd and echo Flannery’s pronouncements about endless drought in Australia. The facts completely contradict her. In his paper about the CSIRO’s Drought Exceptional Circumstances Report [DECR] David Stockwell noted how the models of the CSIRO and the BOM about rainfall patterns were completely contradicted by the data:

Figure 2 from Stockwell shows in A that the models in black get close to temperature but in B go in the opposite direction to rainfall. The BOM rainfall history shows the reckless disregard for fact by Figueres with the rainfall trend increasing in Australia since 1900.

In his powerpoint at slides 12 and 13 Stockwell explains that rainfall patterns have changed in correlation with land use not CO2 or AGW and that rain has been increasing over all.

As well as the UN the ABC has made a strong application to become a member of the bushfire bastards club. Andrew Bolt notes how the ABC has been promulgating the idea that the current bushfires are “unprecedented” and implying Australia has never had seasonal bushfires like this before. Again, like Figueres the ABC has no regard for fact or history as Bolt lists chapter and verse the regular bushfire history of Australia.

There is nothing more to be said then to acknowledge the UN and ABC’s acceptance into the bastard’s hall of fame.

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