Foreign Investment is good; Foreign Ownership is bad.

There is confusion among Politicians and Journalists between Foreign Investment and Foreign Ownership.

For an example, look at this column by the respected Professor Judith Sloan, one of Australia's best-known economists (referring to the debate between then PM Rudd and Aspirant Tony Abbott):

Then, all of a sudden, there was a question on foreign ownership of farmland.  
Tony Abbott went first. He trotted out some known facts about the Coalition's policy on foreign investment 
Then came Kevin Rudd. All of a sudden he was pushing all sorts of xenophobic buttons, telling the audience that he was "anxious" about foreign ownership of our farms.

The question was about foreign OWNERSHIP. Abbott answered about foreign investment. Mr Rudd was muddled but at least seemed to understand the difference between ownership and investment.

Which is more than this journalist (or is it the Headline Writer?) from the Australian seems to understand:

Over at the Fin Review, they also don't seem to realise that there is a difference: 

The Question was definitely about foreign ownership. (at 45 minutes in Youtube below)
Julene - Small business owner and mother: 
My question to you both of you is, with the sales of land to foreign investments and foreign companies, does either party have any thoughts of stopping those sales and protecting Australia from other countries coming in and buying our land? 
Stressing that her question was about foreign ownership, she added: 
Why can foreign countries buy our land when we can't buy theirs?

If you can understand the difference and are worried about foreign nations and companies buying our sovereign soil, there is a dedicated website with a petition.

Click here for the petition: WE WON'T SELL OUT 

The Facts

Why Indonesia’s purchase of 2,500,000 Acres of Australian land would be a Sell out!
  1. Indonesia is the largest importer of Australian Beef. This means our farmers profit immensely from their business. Selling land to Indonesia takes away their reliance on Australian farmers and the cattle they grow.
  2. Indonesia still needs to prove that it can slaughter cattle in a humane way. Why increase diplomatic complications by allowing them to graze cattle in Australia before taking them back to Indonesia?
  3. This area of land is almost four times the area of the Australian Capital Territory. How much more are we prepared to Sell Out?
For more information about foreign ownership in Australia and some great conversation points to raise with mates, download the fact sheet here: The Facts ( 297kb )

The Petition can be found here -