Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A lesson for Greens: never cross Nick Xenophon

Nick and his Babe
No Porkies
The Australian reports:
Senator Xenophon is the last man you want coming after you in South Australia, where he is head and shoulders the state's most popular politician, a man who doesn't need the preferences of any political party to be re-elected next Saturday but whose surplus votes are set to be crucial to the make-up of the incoming Senate. 
As matters stand, the Greens' immigration spokeswoman and darling of the Left, Sarah Hanson-Young (SHY), is in acute danger of losing her spot after Xenophon turned on her, potentially costing the minority party a future leader.
As NCTCS has written before, If you want to get rid of SHY and you live in South Australia, you should vote for NCTCS's Lead Senate Candidate, Leon Ashby. (See: Best Chance to Remove the Greens from the Senate)

Jamie Walker from the Australian continues:
Central to those calculations are the numbers in the Senate, where the minor parties and Xenophon will hold sway, one way or another. Bob Katter's Australian Party is a strong chance to break into the Senate in Queensland through star recruit James Blundell, the country music singer. A hopeful Katter says: "God willing, after this election . . . we will be in a much more serious position to influence things." 
In SA, the accusations are flying between Xenophon and the Greens, who have accused the one-time No-Pokies MP of betraying progressive voters and giving the Opposition Leader a "leg up" to implement his deeply contested legislative agenda, starting with the repeal of Labor's carbon pricing scheme should he come up trumps on September 7.
Nick has moved from from No-Pokies to more honesty, i.e. No-Porkies. Political historian Clem Macintyre, of Adelaide University has been playing around with the numbers:
But when he plays around with the numbers - a big Liberal primary vote, against a low one for the Greens, for example - curious outcomes emerge. Family First is in with an outside chance, Macintyre says. And wait for this: because the Greens ranked the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party ahead of Griff (Xenophon's running mate), he says there is a possibility - albeit remote - that it could bolt in, having cut preference deals with a raft of the Senate minnows.
Politics makes strange bedfellows.

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