The End of an Illusion

An excellent article by Robert Tracinski for

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Robert starts out quoting Harry Binswanger at Forbes,who dates the beginning of the campaign to 1979 and puts it in an amusing perspective.

"Remember 1979? That was the year of 'We Are Family' by Sister Sledge, of 'The Dukes of Hazard' on TV, and of Kramer vs. Kramer on the silver screen. It was the year the Shah was forced out of Iran. It was before the web, before the personal computer, before the cell phone, before voicemail and answering machines. But not before the global warming campaign.

"In January of 1979, a New York Times article was headlined: 'Experts Tell How Antarctic Ice Could Cause Widespread Floods.'...

Robert then refers to a Steven Hayward piece that points to signs that even advocates of the global warming hysteria such as The Economist are starting to backtrack. Parts of the Economist article were covered by NCTCS blog HERE.
"The problem for the climateers is increasingly dire. As The Economist shows in its first chart, the recent temperature record is now falling distinctly to the very low end of its predicted range and may soon fall out of it, which means the models are wrong, or, at the very least, that there's something going on that supposedly 'settled' science hasn't been able to settle."
Robert then creates his own version of the graph (see above.)
You know, you can really manipulate a graph to spin the data, for example, by manipulating the scale to "zoom in" and make something look bigger or "zoom out" to make it look smaller. We're used to seeing the zoomed-in version of global temperature measurements, so it's nice to see this zoomed-out version.
A discussion of temperature follows including how 
Mann's hockey stick came under withering fire for its dodgy statistical methods and selective use of data and has since been pretty much abandoned. But that hasn't kept the warmists from trying again, this time with a new graph, named after lead study author Shaun Marcott, purporting to show global temperatures over the past 11,300 years, this time with a new, even bigger "blade" to the hockey stick showing the supposed upward thrust of temperatures in the past 100 years. 
Except that the whole thing is dissolving in another fiasco.
Much more of this fine article at Real Clear Politics (LINK) Robert Tracinski concludes:

So here's the state of play of climate science a third of a century into the global warming hysteria. They don't have a reliable baseline of global temperature measurements that would allow them to say what is normal and natural and what isn't. Their projections about future warming are demonstrably failing to predict the actual data. And now they have been caught, yet again, fudging the numbers and manipulating the graphs to show a rapid 20th-century warming that they want to be true but which they can't back up with actual evidence. 
A theory with this many holes in it would be have been thrown out long ago, if not for the fact that it conveniently serves the political function of indicting fossil fuels as a planet-destroying evil and allowing radical environmentalists to put a modern, scientific face on their primitivist crusade to shut down industrial civilization. 
But can't we all just stop calling this "science" now? 

H/t Benny Peiser