Kessler reveals the truth about Al Gore: An Egotistical Ass!

In a book by distinguished reporter and author Ronald Kessler titled "In the President's Secret Service" we learn of behind the scenes events in the protection of the Presidents.

The book was described by USA Today as a "fascinating exposĂ© ... high-energy read ... amusing, saucy, often disturbing anecdotes about the VIPs the Secret Service has protected and still protects .

We learn of moral men and philanderers; highly decent men and complete phonies like the father of the Global Financial Crisis Jimmy Carter.

The bit that grabbed my attention was Kessler's description of the 45th Vice President Albert Arnold Gore.

*  An egotistical ass, who was once overheard by his Secret Service detail  lecturing his only son that he needed to do better in school or he “would  end up like these guys” — pointing to the agents.*

Another amusing anecdote was the bottled water episode:
As part of his health kick, Gore arranged to have bottled water delivery and a refrigerated dispenser at the Vice Presidential residence. As part of routine security precautions, the Secret Service would test the water at the vice president's residence. "They've got this phenomenal water purification system in both the White House and the vice president's residence," says a former agent. "We would test the water once a month, samples from all the sinks and taps." But the bottled water was not being tested. So the Secret Service sent samples of the water to the Environmental Protection Agency for testing. Two days later, EPA called; a shocked technician said the water at the vice president's residence was laced with bacteria. "He said the EPA had to expand its graph to be able to count the number of bacteria," an agent recalls. "The water could cause headaches, diarrhea, and stomachaches." As a result of the test findings, the EPA confiscated huge batches of water from the bottled water company.  (link)


  1. What about the one about the Vice President who was shown a way to make money from thin air by the then legal head of Enron, Ken Lay, only to invent carbon trading after the Enron board had been put away for doing exactly the same thing, but without national approval. He sure knows how to time a good opportunity whatever else you say about him. And look at that billion he's taken from good and innocent people around the world to save his pension, er, the planet.

  2. I wish Gore would realize that his 'Climate Change' scam has been exposed for what it is, and just go back to terrorizing masseuses, or boring people into rigor mortis.....

  3. He must be brilliant, as he sold that bill of goods to the world, became rich and received a Nobel prize. Either that or we are all so stupid we deserve what we have gotten.

    1. Most likely the second.

  4. Nobel Prizes, Pulitzer Prizes and Oscars mean nothing anymore. They don't even make good door stops.

  5. And to think, this putz could have been President!
    The present 'man who would be king" good times moocher Barak, is a picture for the world to see of the decline and fall of a Christian born country = the latest stupidity of cutting the FBI's access to the scum-bag Chechen spawn of hell!


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