Why Lord Monckton is right!

Why Lord Monckton is right - Letter to the editor.

From Leon Ashby - 15/3/2013
Image: euronews.com

Dear Sir / Madam,
 The widespread late snow in Europe is yet another indicator that the man made global warming scare is over.

Since 1990, we have been told that extra CO2 is going to make the planet warm beyond the normal fluctuations of the past.

If those predictions were correct
  • We would have seen the global temperature rise and rise and rise;
  • We would have seen sea levels increase faster and faster;
  • We would have seen the total amount of ice on both poles of the planet diminish rapidly. 

But for forty years, we have had droughts, floods, snowstorms and bushfires as per normal.

For thirty years, the total amount of Ice on both poles has not diminished.

For 17 years the global temperature has not increased.

And for ten years the rate of sea level rise has reduced.

We should be celebrating. The "greatest threat to mankind" has flickered out
and the views of hard nosed thinkers like Monckton were right. 

From Leon Ashby


  1. Have you actually looked at the data? It appears not. Sea level rise is increasing faster then even the IPCC projections.

    1. Hey Anonymous,

      If you are so sure of your facts, why do you comment anonymously? Afraid that you will make a fool of yourself?

      Have you actually looked at the data? It appears not.

      Sea Level Rise Stalled

      Sea Level Rise Snow Job

      What more proof would you need than it's a hoax? Well, Chief Alarmist Al Gore plus Australia's Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and Auastralia's Climate Commissioner (THe Part-Time $180,000 pa Panasonic) Tim Flannery all bought residences at sea level. Do you think that they brlieve in the hoax that they push?

  2. And did you know,the IPCC's head office in France is a couple of blocks from the OCEAN!Either thay are Stupid,or they know it's a LIE.


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