Secret War on the West - Part I

This Post will be in two halves. Both based on the works of Dr Amy McGrath OAM.

Part 1 The Frauding of Votes;

Part 2 The Fabian Societies and Agenda 21.

Secret War on the West.  Part 1 - The Frauding of votes.

Dr Amy McGRATH, OAM, JP was educated at Telopea Park High School, Canberra and at Sydney University (BA Hons; MA; PhD, 1975). In 1970 and 1971 she travelled to the USA and the UK, respectively, on U.S. State Department and British Council grants, and in 1996 became the founding convenor of the H S Chapman Society, a body established to raise public awareness of the prevalence of electoral fraud in Australia.

 Dr. Amy McGrath OAM wrote two books –
·        The Forging of Votes 1995 about union fraud in the Federated Ironworkers Union, and 
·       The Frauding of Votes 1996 about parliamentary fraud.

In The Frauding of votes she wrote about the ‘user-friendly’ reforms of 1984 she said
“The Electoral Act has been degraded. The floodgates to manipulation and fraud have been opened. Democracy has been debauched. The electoral law is now an ass. The Courts of Disputed Returns today serve to protect fraud rather than democracy (Corrupt Elections- Experiences of Ballot Rigging H.S. Chapman Society 1997 p.116.)”

Investigative Journalist Bob Bottom wrote of one instance of the fraud:
How I became involved and concerned about electoral fraud  is an intriguing story in itself…Towards the end of 2000, following revelations in Queensland’s Courier Mail and parliamentary concern over electoral rorting within Australian Labor Party branches in Queensland, Premier Peter Beattie’s Queensland government instituted a judicial inquiry through the Queensland Criminal Justice Commission. Presided over by Justice Tom Shepherdson, the inquiry laid bare a plethora of material about ALP identities falsely enrolling for party pre-selection ballots and party plebiscites. 
Aside from reading about proceedings through the Courier Mail, and continuing exposures by the Courier Mail in its own right, the inquiry to me was simply another matter of public interest. Then during proceedings in November 2,000, a reference was made to alleged happenings on Bribie Island, about one hour’s drive north of Brisbane where my wife, Judy, and I happen to own a weekly newspaper, Island Mainland News 
That day two people came into my office at the newspaper and related an extraordinary story.They recalled that, prior to the 1989 Queensland state election, they had been contracted to deliver letters addressed to electors throughout Bribie Island, then with a population of about 12,000. It involved delivery to about 4,600 homes and unit complexes. What they found was that many of the letters were addressed to people at addresses that simply did not exist. 
But the Bribie Island episode was unprecedented. That delivery was not by Australia Post, whereby letters churned out from party headquarters or electorate officers are supplied to post offices and various  staff sort them into mail order for delivery  to Bribie Island. This mail was contracted out to private deliverers with all of the letters already pre-sorted into street address orderFor such a delivery the cost was less than one-eighth of what Australia Post would have charged. 
More interesting still, at that time, not even electoral authorities could assemble voter registrations in street order. Their computer capacity at that time was limited to assembling voter registrations in alphabetical order.”  
(NB:  The 584 letters that could not be delivered in that 1989 election were for vacant land along Pumicestone Passage, and the green side of Clayton Park, on Bribie Island. Wayne Swan was Queensland ALP secretary. When the ALP won the election, Wayne Gosse became Premier and Kevin Rudd, cabinet secretary.)
One can only wonder about the 110,000 extra voters added to the electoral rolls after GetUp (George Soros and Union Funded) challenged the closing of the rolls before the 2010 General Election.

So what if a person is registered at a false address, as describe above by Bob Bottom, and then that person votes at each polling place in that electorate. In my Electorate (Dobell) there are 56 polling Places.

Members for the seat have been
Thomson, C (ALP-Independent ALP) 2007–
Ticehurst, K (LP) 2001–2007
Lee, M (ALP) 1984–2001

In 2010, Mr. Craig Thomson won in 2007 with a primary vote of 38,168 (46.32%), and although there was some doubt about his activities in his previous HSU position by the 2010 election, he virtually maintained his position with  38,268 (46.27%).

Whilst I am not claiming anything, just imagine if two bus loads of 50 people came from the grave yards and the newly enrolled and went to every booth in the electorate, 2 times 50 times 56 equals 5,600 votes.

Taking Mr. Thomson’s  38,268 and reducing them by 5,600 leaves 32,668  which is below the Liberal candidate’s 33,287.

I am not accusing Mr Thomson of electoral fraud but just using my local electorate to show how votes can be frauded (defrauded?)